Pure Prairie League

Pure Prairie League, a 1960s rock band with a heavy dose of country and high-flying harmony, returns to the Egyptian Theatre stage March 1st through 3rd. Pure Prairie League will treat you to music that sounds even better today than it did when they first performed. A performance that delivers their country-rock sound true to its original form. Hits like “Let Me Love You Tonight” and “Amie” have not only stood the test of time, they are still fan favorites. Reduced priced tickets Friday. Showtimes: 8pm Friday & Saturday, Sat. 6pm Sunday. 

Tickets:Friday: $35 House / $43 Preferred Front of House / $55 Cabaret Seating Saturday & Sunday: $39 House / $49 Front of House / $60 Cabaret Tickets increase by $5 half hour before showtime. No taxes or service fees. All Sales are Final. No Refunds. Call the box office for exchange policy. Reserve tickets at or 435-649-9371

Nathan Spencer Revue

Ogden Nature Center: The Planet We Call Home

The March 4th topic is 5 Things Everyone Should Know About Global Warming with Jenn Bodine & Dan Bedford of Weber State University
Global warming is a frequently misunderstood and politicized topic, but there are 5 basic things that everyone should know. This talk brings attendees up-to-speed on the latest climate science. Solutions that are being deployed right here in our own backyard to solve this wicked problem will also be addressed.

New Play Sounding Series: Four Women Talking About the Man Under the Sheet

New Play Sounding Series: Four Women Talking About the Man Under the Sheet By Elaine Jarvik

Cast – Colleen Baum, Susanna Florence Risser, Nicki Nixon, Tamara Howell, Dee-Dee Darby Duffin, and Michelle Love Day Director – Jason Bowcutt Dramaturg – Camille Washington Stage Manager – Katelyn Limber

Tickets and information Box Office: 801-363-7522 Open 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Mon – Fri Reading is Free, but reservations are required.

2019 Utah Bike Summit

The Utah Bike Summit is the state bicycle conference, open to bicycle enthusiasts and advocates, elected officials, bike shops, manufacturers, infrastructure engineers, planners, transportation professionals, health officials, tourism professionals, and the general public. This one-day event features speakers, including keynote speaker Veronica O. Davis of NspireGreen, training sessions, networking opportunities, and discussions focusing on how to make Utah a better place to ride. Join us for lively conversations, product demos, and a motivational atmosphere! 2019 Session Topics and Sessions Include: - The Governor's 1,000 Miles Initiative - Creating a Bicycle Friendly Business - Making Space in the Bike Lane and the Impact of New Transportation Modes - Kickstarting Change in Your Community - Special breakout session for retailers and manufacturers Learn more and register at

Why Earth Needs an International Global Ocean Observing System

The ocean impacts Earth’s climate and weather, provides critical food and energy resources, plays an enormous role in the global economy, and directly effects the well-being of coastal communities. Despite the critical role oceans play, only recent technical breakthroughs have allowed people to maintain a sustained presence in the sea and thoroughly understand its wide range of societal benefits. Dr. Oscar Schofield will review these new discoveries and provide examples of how they directly benefit society while creating new diplomatic challenges and opportunities. Schofield will also review plans and strategies for developing a global observing system ranging from deep ocean, melting polar regions, and coastal waters.

North Mississippi Allstars

North Mississippi Allstars are back with Prayer for Peace and couldn't we all use one of those right about now? Founded in 1996 by brothers Luther (guitar and vocals) and Cody Dickinson (drums, piano, synth bass, programming and vocals), the now venerable band are entering their third decade with perhaps the most vital album of their career. Recorded in studios across America during North Mississippi Allstars' 2016 tour, Prayer for Peace sees the Dickinsons weaving their bred-to-the-bone musical sensibility with unstoppable energy, rhythmic reinvention, and a potent message of positivity, family, and hope. As ever, songs like R.L. Burnside's "Long Haired Doney" and the impassioned title track pay homage to the country blues legacy while simultaneously pushing it into contemporary relevance with fatback funk, electronic innovation, slippery soul, and pure unadulterated rock 'n' roll.

James Holbrook: "Cultural Imperialism & Unintended Consequences: The Iraq War"

James Holbrook, Professor of Law, and Valeri Craigle, Head of Digital Publishing at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, will explore the dangers of cultural imperialism in foreign policy and the costs of unintended consequences arising from the Iraq War. In 2008, this law school received funding from the U.S. State Department to provide legal assistance to the nascent government of Iraq. The goal was to promote a stable country, but the failure of the initial invasion and occupation to grasp the deeper roots of Iraqi society made this nearly impossible. Holbrook and Craigle discuss these challenges in their book “A Long Way From A Way Forward: Our Journey Through Legal Reform in Post-War Iraq.” A Q&A and refreshments will follow. The lecture is free, open to the public, and made possible by a grant from Utah Humanities. This event is organized by Books & Bridges — a community institute of ideas and conversation. Our mission is to facilitate discussion on the best of human thought. We explore the wisdoms of the world and apply them to modern life. We have no political, religious or ideological affiliation. In a society divided by uncivil discourse, the beauty of the humanities—novels, history, philosophy, poetry, ethics and epics—lifts us to our better angels. In our busy world we need space for friends and fellow learners to do a little more heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind.

Black Uhuru

Derrick “Duckie” Simpson the “Gong Gong Gullie” is the founder and leader for reggae’s BLACK UHURU. Although going through numerous lead singers and musicians they have remained to be one of the most recognized and prolific reggae band for over 50 years.

Christine M. Durham - 6th Annual Aileen H. Clyde Lecture

6th Annual Aileen H. Clyde 20th Century Women's Legacy Archive Lecture Christine M. Durham, Retired Justice of the Utah Supreme Court is on the 7th. Free & Open to the Public - Refreshments will be served.

Christine Durham retired from the Utah Supreme Court in 2017, after serving as a Justice for 35 years and as Chief Justice and Chair of the Utah Judicial Council for 10 of those years. She currently co-chairs Utah’s Coordinating Committee on Access to Justice and the Utah Center for Legal Inclusion. Before joining the Utah Supreme Court, she served on the state trial court after a number of years in private practice. She received her A.B. with honors from Wellesley College and a J.D. from Duke University. Ms. Durham is past president of the Conference of Chief Justices of the United States and also past chair of the American Bar Association’s Council on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, the entity that accredits American law schools. She is an emeritus member of Duke University’s Board of Trustees, the Council of the American Law Institute, and the Board of Overseers for the Rand Corporation’s Institute for Civil Justice. Ms. Durham taught state constitutional law for many years at the S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah, and served for twelve years on the Utah Constitutional Revision Commission. She has received honorary degrees from five Utah universities and has been recognized nationally for her work in judicial education and efforts to improve the administration of justice. Among others honors, in 1997 Ms. Durham was the National Association of Women Judges’ Honoree of the Year; in 2007 she received the William H. Rehnquist Award for Judicial Excellence; in 2008 she received the “Transparent Courthouse” Award for contributions to judicial accountability and administration from the Institute for the Advancement of the Legal System at the University of Denver; and in 2012 she received the Eighth Annual Dwight D. Opperman Award for Judicial Excellence from the American Judicature Society. Ms. Durham is currently Appellate Attorney for Zimmerman Booher, Appellate Attorneys.