Board of Trustees

KRCL is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees who are responsible for ensuring the station is financially stable and fulfilling its community mission. KRCL also has a Community Advisory Board which advises the station's governing body about whether the station's programming and significant policies are meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the communities served by the station.

KRCL's 2022 Board of Trustees meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. MT. Please note, due to the holidays, there is no November 2022 meeting, and the December 2022 meeting will be on Dec. 14. All meetings are open to the public and will be held with a Zoom option. If you'd like to attend a KRCL Board Meeting, please contact Board Secretary Kerri Hopkins at least two weeks in advance of the meeting date. Closed meetings may be held to discuss KRCL personnel or real estate issues. Documentation will be included specifying the reason(s) for the closed meeting in the meeting minutes pending Board approval. Minutes of KRCL's Board of Trustees meetings are posted upon a Board vote at the following meeting. The Community Advisory Board (CAB) of KRCL meets once a year with the station's program director and/or executive director. The 2022 meeting is scheduled for November or December 2022, the exact time and date will be posted. 

Board of Trustees 2022

Ian Percy - Board Chair, High Boy Ventures
Amber DeBirk -Vice Chair, Equity Real Estate
Kyle Gish - Treasurer, KPMG Spark
Kerri Hopkins - Secretary, University of Utah College of Fine Arts ArtsBridge
John Johnson - Executive Committee, Law Office of John K Johnson
Aldo Arnone, US Bank
Risshan Leak, ebay
Glenn McMinn, Fundraiser
Chip Luman, Atlas
Angela Dean, AMD Architecture
Andy Yorkin, BrandHive
Marcie Young Cancio, Salt Lake Community College / Amplify Utah
John Greene - Emeritus, KUER

2022 Meeting Minutes
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2021 Meeting Minutes

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Community Advisory Board

Margrit Schneider (Chair), Schneider Auto Karosserie
Ebay Hamilton, KRCL Program Director
Gavin Dahl, KRCL Executive Director
Dena Ned, Associate Dean, Office for First Generation Access, University of Utah 
Bonnie Weiss
, KRCL Listener-Member
Amy May
, Tree Utah
Darin Piccoli, The State Room Presents
Barb Guy, Salt Lake Film Society
Troy Mumm, Third Sun
Felicia Baca, Salt Lake Arts Council
Erik Christiansen, Parsons Behle & Latimer
Saru Ramanan, Utah Nonprofits Association 
Shawn Newell, Utah Multicultural Civic Council
Andrew Riggle, Disability Law Center