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Dungeons & Dragons for Beginners

Do you have a budding young mage, swordsman, or cleric in the family? This introduction to Dungeons & Dragons is meant to give young people a ground level introduction to Dungeons & Dragons in a fair and safe learning environment. Participating young people will learn how to create a character, and will learn all the ins and outs of playing this timeless role playing game. Steve Capone, the Dungeon Master, is a history teacher at The McGillis School, and loves teaching young people history, philosophy, logic or, in this case, how to slay zombies, goblins, or any other wicked creature that might endanger a group of young travelers. Among other things, players learn how to work together to accomplish mutual goals. Parents can either enjoy some quiet reading time in one of our comfy chairs or may chose to play along with their children! If you're interested, please contact Steve Capone at

Guest Author Ned Wolf

In the final tale of Ned Wolf's middle grade science fiction Nandia Trilogy, the Galactic Grand Council confirms that Nandia has gone missing. Bernard struggles within himself to gather enough information to even begin a search. He does learn that Praesepe, Nandia’s home planet, has come under siege. The Council summons Elli, immortal former queen of Aesir, and Dunstan, the magical troubadour of Geasa, to join Bernard on a mission to unravel the mystery. ‚Äč They learn that an unknown disease on the planet Erylia has laid waste the health of its adolescent youth. The planet, mired in despair over the end to its future generations, has undertaken a program to replace their ailing youth with healthy breeding stock from Praesepe. Nandia’s home is now under siege, as an entire generation of young Praesepians is being kidnapped. Nandia’s grandchild Grace is one of the many incarcerated on Praesepe, marked for deportation to give birth to future Erylian generations. Not only are Erylians shielding telepathic communications, they are hunting Nandia. With the help of new allies, Bernard, Elli and Dunstan must use all their resources to infiltrate the Erylian command structure and find a way to restore the fate of two societies on the verge of decimation — one desperate to recover its future as it steals the tomorrows of another. Join us in welcoming author Ned Miller to The Printed Garden to read from and answer questions about his Nandia trilogy. Ned will be at The Printed Garden from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.