Events for Just for Kids

Discovery Class: Intro to STEM with LEGO

STEM activities for kindergartners using LEGO bricks!

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Discovery Class: Minecraft Master Engineering with LEGO

4th and 5th graders bring Minecraft to life using LEGO bricks!

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Ring Around the Rose: Dance Across the Valley

Explore what makes us all unique with dancers from South Valley Creative Dance, West High School, and Judge Memorial Catholic High School. With dancers of all ages from across the valley, the performance is sure to inspire and entertain.

Discovery Class: STEM in Action - Crop Protector Challenge

2nd and 3rd graders explore weather-related hazards and materials that can withstand severe weather!

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Discovery Class: Museum Exploration

1st grade students get an opportunity to explore the Museum from top to bottom!

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Ring Around the Rose: Aerial Arts of Utah

Fly high with these amazing aerial fabric and trapeze artists. Aerial Arts of Utah presents their youth performing group with a show that will delight audiences and transport them to a world that defies gravity and inspires the imagination.

Ring Around the Rose African Drums with WOFA

Learn some new dance moves and pick up a new beat in our most hands-on show of the year! The amazing artists from WOFA Afro-Fusion show their skills to teach you all about African dancing and drumming. You'll get to watch some awesome dancing and then try it out for yourself. WOFA Afro Fusion Dance explores the powerful intersections of Pan-African and Western dance forms and cultures to create vibrant, eye opening performances and educational community outreach activities for a diverse population of students and audience members. They focus on Pan-African dance forms as sophisticated, vibrant art forms that have greatly influenced and continue to influence all aspects of Western culture.

Discovery Class: Rock Hounds

Curious 1st graders explore the rocks, minerals, and processes that make up the Earth! Event Link: Ticket Link:

Discovery Class: Jedi Master Engineering with LEGO

2nd and 3rd graders awaken the Force in this advanced engineering course for young Jedi!

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Discovery Class: STEM in Action - Helicopter Hang Time

1st grade engineers needed to redesign and test plans for a helicopter!

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