Events for Poetry and Spoken Word

Author Signing with Kate Hallsen

Hadley Parker is a young woman making her way through life, school, and car troubles by serving coffee to the locals and taking care of her pup. When her circumstances turn sideways, the overwhelming chaos proves too much for Hadley, until she discovers a magical family secret and finds the strength, power, and joy she's been looking for was within her all along. "It's all here, everything. Everything you've ever wanted, dreamed of, gushed over, imagined, hoped for, cried over, laughed over, it's always been right here. Only you can discover it. It's so simple that most people cannot see it." --from Amber Ashes Join us in inviting Kate Hallsen to The Printed Garden Saturday night, January 5th, to read from, answer questions about, and sign copies of her new book, Amber Ashes. This event will begin at 7:00 p.m.