KRCL Benefits of Giving

Founded in 1979, KRCL is Listener Community Radio. It’s right there in our call letters.

We’re a non-profit organization as well as a media outlet here to provide something different from the mainstream. KRCL’s variety ranges from new music, to specialty programs focusing on everything from indie and hip-hop to world and reggae to Americana and blues and its locally produced public affairs program, RadioActive.

KRCL donors value discovering new music and learning about important issues in their community. They want to support independent media. KRCL members know that this resource is unique, and if they truly value something, they need to support it to ensure that it is strong and sustainable.

When you give to KRCL, you are making a tax-deductible donation to an organization that connects our community to one another and to the world.

During the year, your donation helps in these ways:

On Air:

Locally curated music by fellow music lovers from a variety of genres.
Stories and interviews from key activists, community leaders, scholars and politicians. 
Updates about arts events, political rallies, concerts, shows, festivals and more.

On Line:

Live time play lists, extensive community calendar, live sessions from KRCL, information about rallies and local resources

In the Community:

• KRCL Presents touring and local band's performances in multiple venues across the valley
• Sponsors community events all year long
• Gets the word out about local non-profits doing good work in our community
• Attends various events offering listeners a chance to connect with volunteers/representatives of the station in a more personal way
• Curates a monthly film series bringing music and movies together on the big screen
• Broadcasts from events across the valley giving listeners the chance to experience live radio without having to visit the station. Live broadcasts from Twilight Concert Series, Red Butte Garden, The Downtown Farmers Market, local venues and more.

To learn more about the benefits of giving and to join the KRCL community explore the donate section here.