Underwriting / Business and Corporate Support

Whether it's a few messages for an upcoming event, or having a business sponsor individual shows for six months or longer, dozens of business sponsors come together to underwrite 30% of KRCL’s funding for on air music programming and community stories, online content, and community and fundraising events. The significant support of these business sponsors and underwriters is acknowledged through underwriting messages identifying their businesses and organizations, products or services they provide, and their contact information.

Underwriting messages provide a unique opportunity for companies and organizations to become civically engaged, while supporting both philanthropic and marketing goals by:

  • Reaching a large radio audience along the Wasatch Front and Wasatch Back populated by people who are educated, active, creative, and influential. These are the folks who help to make Utah an incredibly desirable place to live and work.
  • Delivering a straight forward branding or positioning message into an uncluttered and hype-free listening environment where listeners are uniquely attentive to music, community stories and sponsor message.
  • Touching listeners who are enthusiastically open to sponsorship messages because of the value they place on KRCL’s programming. KRCL listeners recognize, appreciate, and welcome opportunities to support businesses and organizations who support public radio.

KRCL is also unique among local media in that it reaches a large concentration of professionals, business leaders and owners, technologists and members of the creative class – people who actively shape the future of Utah as opinion leaders, community organizers, early adopters and taste makers.

To learn more about underwriting and the KRCL audience contact:
Trina Baghoomian trinab@krcl.org  (801) 363-1818 or
Shell Yeah shell@krcl.org (801) 363-1818

Click here to view a list of businesses that support KRCL!