The Taylor Party: Taylor Swift Night

The Pour


Comedy Church A Stand-Up Comedy Show With Adam & Greg

Dylan Roe

Magic City Hippies

 A mosaic of poolside grooves and lingering, sun-kissed melodies. Est 2015, Miami FL Magic City Hippies is: Robby Hunter, Pat Howard, John Coughlin Shades on and shirts unbuttoned, Magic City Hippies generate the kind of heat that could’ve powered a high seas yacht party in the seventies or shake a Coachella stage next summer. If the trio—Robby Hunter, Pat Howard, and John Coughlin—stepped off the screen from some long-lost Quentin Tarantino flick in slow-motion (instruments in hand), nobody would question it. Embracing everything from AM radio rock and poolside pop to nimble raps and salsa, they lock into an era-less vibe with no shortage of funk or hooks. The three-piece deliver the kind of bangers you can play on the way to the party, during the party, and to smooth over the comedown as the sun comes up.

Eyes Buggy Health Care, Hayden Roberts

Bxtweak Zavvier Jaxxan, PBK, Soviet Fucker, Dkoen A.k.a Blapblapdk, Saint Vincent, Still Undefeated

Jacob Westfall

Echo Point