Red Desert Ramblers

The Red Desert Ramblers play Bluegrass, Classic Country and Swing music blending harmonies with smoking instrumental breaks. The Salt Lake Tribune says “when it comes to locally produced bluegrass bands, it’s hard to do better.” They have been honored by the International Bluegrass Music Association by being the first Utah Band (and Sharon is the first hammered dulcimer player) to EVER be hired for an IBMA performance and were the only bluegrass band featured at the Mountain West Conference of the Arts. Members have won several awards including Sharon as best Utah dulcimer player and Rick Martinez as best banjo player for IAMA. They are a regional band with national recognition and members hail from Salt Lake, and Summit counties representing the best of Utah. Regional/National festivals include International Bluegrass Music Association FanFest in Nashville; Darrington, Washington Bluegrass Festival; Pickin’ in the Pines (Arizona); Memorial Day Bluegrass Festival (Grand Junction, CO); Southern Nevada Bluegrass Music Association Festival (Logandale); Bannock County Bluegrass Festival (Pocatello, Idaho), Portneuf River Bluegrass Festival (Lava Hot Springs, Idaho)—Bluegrass in the Barn (Nampa)—Idaho Sawtooth Bluegrass Association (Cascade), Birch Creek Bluegrass Festival (Fountain Green, Utah), Red Rocks Bluegrass Festival (St. George, Utah), Windwalker Ranch Bluegrass Festival (Spring City, Utah) and more! SHARON MITCHELL (hammered dulcimer, harmony vocals) Sharon is the band Leader/Manager and has played hammered dulcimer since 1989. In addition to Red Desert Ramblers, she also plays with the Public Domain String Band and The American Irish Duo. Past bands include "Last Night’s Fun" (Irish), "Around the Bend" and "Lonesome Ridge" (bluegrass). Sharon runs the Intermountain Acoustic Music Association (IAMA) Local Concert Series. She is the "roots and branches" of the band adding both an old time flavor, and a unique progressive twist.

 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEVE HEWSON (lead vocals, guitar, mandolin) Best known as the host of the Rockport Dam Jam, and former manager of Rockport State Park, he hails from Huntington Beach CA proving that country twang can come from the land of sand and surf. After going electric with the country band "Desert Skies", Steve returns to his first love of acoustic music with the Red Desert Ramblers. He also plays with Detour Utah.

 RICK MARTINEZ (5-string banjo) Rick’s style is 30 years steeped in traditional and progressive bluegrass music. His diverse influences range from Earl Scruggs to Tony Trishka. . His clean, precise and dynamic playing reinforces the authentic sound of the band. Rick has played with the "Rick Martinez Band," " Holdin’ Out," and the "Prairie Dogs". He has been known to cross styles, and is not opposed to musical risks. We are proud to call Rick one of our own.

 DAVE BATES (upright bass) Dave has been a mainstay in the SLC/Summit county communities for many years. He has been a pilot and a bus driver. When he is not flying he is a farmer in Wanship. His attention is also focused on mentoring teenagers and youth so they become proficient musicians. Dave also plays with the Silver Creek String Band. 

 RICHARD SCHMELING (lead/harmony vocals, mandolin) Richard Schmeling: adds solid mandolin chops, harmonies and lightening quick, clean breaks to the band. He's also an accomplished guitar and piano player. His ballads are amazing, and no one can belt out traditional heart wrenching songs like him. He was raised in the West. Richard also performs with the band Bluegrass Rising.

Paint by Numbers - 200 West Community Mural

Leave your mark on downtown Salt Lake with the 200 West Community Mural! This Friday and Saturday we’ll be relying on the public to fill in an amazing 150-foot wide mural that will be outlined by some talented local artists at the Salt Palace underpass. There will also be food, drinks, live music and more.

RETRO FUTURA Belinda Carlisle ABC Modern English, The Outfields Tony Lewis, Kajagoogoos Limahl, Bow Wow Wows Annabella

The Gateway Art Stroll

The Gateway is proud to partner with Salt Lake Gallery Stroll as part of the vibrant visual art scene in Salt Lake City. Walk the Rio Grande and explore the murals and interactive art pieces throughout the property. Meet the local artists involved in our Art Shop Project as they open their doors for special pop-up galleries – as well as the permanent gallery, the Urban Arts Gallery for the grand re-opening in their new location.

postpodernposh - Opening Reception

The Utah Division of Arts & Museums presents postmodernposh July 13 through Aug 31, 2018, at the Rio Gallery. A Gallery Stroll opening reception will be held on July 20 from 6pm to 9pm. Postmodernposh: work by Nolan Flynn and Mitchell Lee, is a response to the main stream art scene which is becoming more consumer-based where art is seen more as a luxury than anything. Each artist takes an approach in their artwork that antagonizes this idea of art. Flynn’s playful abstract paintings oppose Lee’s labored portraits, but the two have collaboratively curated a collection of their work in two and three-dimensional space with a thoughtful installation practice. Their work challenges the transition away from the typical, white-cube gallery space and the hierarchy of the art world, with a concurrent critique of the main stream art scene. Flynn creates intrigue in his work by building up and removing layers of paint with classical methods of oil paint additions and atypical paint masking methods. His creation process derails his audience making it almost impossible to track how each painting was made. This method questions the seriousness of painting while promoting a playful nature. Lee’s portraits question the value of significance. He acknowledges the concepts of immortality and flattery that are associated with classical portraiture and challenges those ideas by creating work on non-pristine painting surfaces made from found-objects.

The Nature of Clay// Reflections on Bonneville// Temporary Solution// I am...

ART ACCESS GALLERY Artist's Reception & Gallery Stroll Friday, July 20, 6 - 9 PM Exhibit Dates: July 20 - Aug 10 Tuesday-Friday 11am-4pm The Nature of Clay by Anne Gregerson, Elizbath Crow My female ceramic figures are often quiet and introspective. Through their gestures, expressions, and inclusion of other symbolic elements, I explore parts of my own story as I travel through my life. The narrative is about a spiritual journey that relies on a deep connection to the natural world. I spend much of my time and energy trying to shape a basic, natural material---clay---into forms and objects that match my own creative vision. Sometimes the clay cooperates; sometimes it resists. I have learned that rather than trying to bend nature to my artistic will, I am more successful if I nurture the forms and shapes that the principles of nature create in the clay. Reflections on Bonneville Nathan Mulford My paintings explore the juxtaposition of concrete and abstract elements of memory. I use both rigid, geometric structures and fluid, ethereal marks that seem to defy gravity. These elements appear and disappear as they are painted over and redrawn from the memory of previous layers. Other times, these elements are excavated from the paint revealing stratified layers. As I create, I reinterpret the work that came before representing the way that memories can be altered by time, experience and perception. Temporary solution Lucia Volker Temporary Solution is an investigation of the uncomfortable and frustrating moments that accompany periods of change. Layering, blocking and fragmentation of materials and patterns, parallel the feelings of obstruction and uncertainty we all face personally and collectively. The tape and binder clips, act as a transitory way to address ongoing problems, that ultimately will require a more permanent solution. I am... Etsuko Kato I am Japanese. Since I have come to the United States I have gotten a freshI am Japanese. Since I have come to the United States I have gotten a freshreminder that, “I am Japanese”. Who am I? Who is Etsuko Kato? When I lived in Japan,I never cared or thought about it, but it became the next important thing after myname. I adjusted myself for living in the United States. Over 10 years later, people inJapan told me that I was no longer Japanese, and yet people in the United States toldme I am Japanese. I ask myself, who am I? Who is Etsuko Kato?Photographs capture the physical world and also capture the world which “I” amliving in. By taking photographs I confirm the fact that I am alive. The camera bestowsupon me the third eye, and the lens as my filter, what I see through these tools showsand teaches me so many things. When I release the shutter, I ask myself; what am Ithinking? What am I feeling? Why did I want to clip out that moment? Where do mycriterions come from? Those aggregations give me hints little by little to the question of“Who am I?” By continuing this loop, I will come to know who I am and at the same timethe photographs will confirm the fact that I exist in this world.For me, taking photographs are a conversation with myself. The image renderedon the paper draws in the others to me and makes us have conversations. I confirm thatwe have some of the same experiences in the innermost depths of our hearts.Sometimes I try to throw questions at others as a Japanese person, as Etsuko Kato, andas a human. What does it mean to be Japanese? Japanese and Etsuko Kato? Who am I?

Venture Out! Soccer Fans - Game On!

Come join us for a night of outdoor recreation clinics, live music, a movie under the stars, food trucks and fun for the whole family! Movie: Black Panther Live music with Tempura Collective

Concentrated Curated Mess

Join us during Gallery Stroll for the opening of Concentrated Curated Mess: A visual study of the accumulation, arranging, and layering of seemingly random things... featuring the artwork of Miroslava K Vomela and Jamie A Kyle. Artist Reception from 6-9 PM at the Downtown Artist Collective.

The Village People

Forever In Your Mind w Dana Vaughns