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STEM KIDS Online Workshop: Conservation at Home

Understand what conservation is (reduce, reuse, recycle) and learn what you can do at home to conserve. Learn about how nutrients in the environment cycle through plants, dirt, and water. Conservation at Home is one of a six-part video series created by Craft Lake City and Google Fiber to support Utah elementary schools in their remote learning efforts. Craft Lake City used state curriculum guidelines for grades 3-5 to guide the selection of topics for these STEM KIDS Online Workshops, and focused on activities which can be done at home. Additional support was provided from the Utah STEM Action Center in partnership with Utah Division of Arts and Museums, The George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation,, Salt Lake City Arts Council and Salt Lake County ZAP.

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Free Online Roast of The Princess Bride

We will be roasting The Princess Bride for FREE online and you are invited! Use this link at the time of the show To get an email reminder and info on future events sign up on our website at

If you get the free tickets from our website use promo code BRIDE at checkout to get the show link emailed to you free! (Ignore the $1 it will disappear at the checkout screen). Six-fingered comedians, making inconceivable jokes during the movie that made you believe in twue wuv. We will be having drinking games and some audience participation.