Craft Lake City: In-Person Application Assistance Day for the 2023 DIY Fest

Application Assistance Days are free events open to anyone who has questions about their artisan, STEM, performer, Kid Row or foodie application for the 15th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival Presented By Harmons. During these events, Craft Lake City team members are available to help answer all applicant questions, walking through the website and application process. Additionally, since providing quality photos is such an important part of the application process, we provide free photography services to help you showcase your work at its best. A photographer will help stage and photograph your items, and will provide you with a handful of professional quality photos that are yours to keep and use at no cost. Feel free to message with any additional questions!

For more information about the Utah Developmental Disabilities Council, click here. Pre-register here:



Maggie Lindemann

Building on the sharpened songwriting and singularly honed-in sounds she’d established on PARANOIA, Maggie spent a year building the foundation of her debut studio album, SUCKERPUNCH, a body of work that chronicles a journey of self-discovery and actualization. “It's the journey from being upset to being angry to being hopeful – a hopefulness I want listeners to know exists for them, too,” she says. It’s also the rare narrative record that’s songs also stand as strongly alone as they do in sequenced order. “I was still in the PARANOIA headspace, and I didn’t want to leave it, but as we made these songs, you can hear me growing and going deeper than I ever have before,” Maggie notes. “Even if some of the melodies changed or production elements took new form, a lot of SUCKERPUNCH is as we originally wrote and intended it – songs that showcase the new version of who I’ve always wanted to be.” The album name, she says, came to her soon after. “It’s an unexpected punch, a blow you didn’t see coming,” she says. “When I was making this, I had those blows in my own life; when I listened to the album back from start to finish, I realized the entire thing was a sucker punch – for myself, for my fans – and I knew it had to be the title.”

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Jon O Radio

Theo Kandel & Wyatt Pike

SLCC Spring 23 Job Fair

The SLCC Job Fair is open to all community members, as well as SLCC students and alumni. It is a place to come and explore different career paths and meet employers who are eager to hire you for internships, part-time jobs, and full-time roles. This is the perfect place to find your next great opportunity! Free parking in Lots H, I, J, and U at the Taylorsville-Redwood SLCC Campus. Come alone or bring some friends! Network with employers and get some fun swag items along the way! Community members can find more info on our website here: Current SLCC students can find more info in their Handshake accounts:

Building Bionics

Building Bionics: How technologies are going to enhance the human body and end physical disability

In this talk, Dr. Tommaso Lenzi, Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, a Core Faculty in the Robotics Center at University of Utah, and the Director of the Ergonomics and Safety Program at the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, will present ongoing work at his HGN Lab for Bionic Engineering to advance the science of bionics. He will describe novel electromechanical designs that will empower next-generation bionic limbs to match the strength and speed of biological legs. He will demonstrate intelligent control systems that synchronize the movements of the bionic leg with the human nervous system, enabling individuals with amputation to perform activities that are impossible with conventional prostheses. Finally, Dr. Lenzi will discuss critical challenges and areas of future research that must advance for bionics to become a part of our lives.

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