Lantern By Sea

Crossroads Urban Center Wine & Cheese Benefit Party

Please join us for the 17th annual Wine & Cheese Benefit Party! Usher in the Fall with live jazz music, Beehive Cheese, Caputo's appetizers, and a delicious array of wine to pair. This event is a great opportunity to build community with other Crossroads supporters and social justice advocates.

Thriller - Odyssey Dance Theatre

Mystifying, mesmerizing, morbid monsters and maniacs return to the Egyptian Theatre September 20th through October 6th. This show by Odyssey Dance Theatre has it all – frights, amazement, scares and lots of laughs. Come and join this spectacular Halloween tradition and see what everyone is talking about! Always a sell-out.

This show uses theatrical haze and strobe lighting. For more information and to reserve tickets head to our website or call the box office at 855-745-SHOW.

The Fall Kick Off

PROF with Cashinova, Taylor J. & Willie Wonka

No artist has emerged from Minnesota this decade and walked his own private catwalk quite like Prof. After spending the early part of the 2010’s having amassed a strong loyal following, distributing nearly 200,000 records through his own imprint, Stophouse, his 2013 signing to Rhymesayers Entertainment helped propel him to the next stage of his career before releasing his landmark 2015 Rhymesayers debut, Liability. Additionally, his annual self-headlined Prof Outdoors festival has repeatedly sold out a 4,000+ capacity for years. While there’s been a perception that the eccentric Minneapolis MC is out-of-control, Prof's undeterred, unwavering commitment to his mission has revealed the detailed craftsmanship behind the perceived chaos. Today, as his latest album title states, the newly sophisticated Prof is more accurately referred to as Pookie Baby.

The California Honeydrops

The California Honeydrops celebrate their 11th year together with the release of their latest live album, Honeydrops Live 2019 and an international tour to Australia, New Zealand and Europe. This follows the release of their 7th studio album and first ever double album, Call It Home: Vol. 1 & 2 in 2018.

Tash Sultana with The Teskey Brothers

Grayscale with Belmont, Bearings, Rich People

Since forming in 2011, when its band members were only in high school, the Philadelphia-based quintet—composed of vocalist Collin Walsh, guitarist/vocalist Dallas Molster, guitarist Andrew Kyne, bassist Nick Ventimiglia and drummer Nick Veno—has emerged quickly from the Philadelphia punk scene, establishing a solid fan base and sharing stages with the likes of Cute Is What We Aim For, Knuckle Puck, Neck Deep, Seaway, and more. Working with producer Kyle Black (State Champs, Handguns, Hit The Lights) for their Fearless Records debut album, Adornment, Grayscale has honed their talent of constructing strong hooks, relatable lyrics and catchy riffs, all the while coming into their own distinguished sound. Through their unbarred emotion and unique blend of alternative rock and punk roots, Adornment, sees the band expand their sonic palette, further illuminating their skill of creating well-narrated stories paired with palpable emotion that urges listeners to dive in and craft their own narratives.

Tinderbox Circus Sideshow on Tour in Utah

The sideshow is coming to town! Multiple award-winning Tinderbox Circus Sideshow from Lexington, Kentucky will roll through our salty city ready to bewilder The Beehive with their carnie feats and punk rock antics. One of the last remaining "ten-in-ones" in the country, this classic travelling circus spectacle combines timeless acts of shock and amazement with a punk rock presentation and a dirty south attitude.

Local support from The Harlot and Agony Ray, organized by Behind the Zion Curtain Cabaret ring leader Havoq Luscivia of Clusterphoque Cabaret. You can find us on Facebook and click "Going" on the event page to get updates and hints about the astounding things The Tinderbox Circus Sideshow will get up to as we get closer to the show.

Only 7 bucks cash at the door. All ages, all welcome. No booze, no bigotry. Mark your calendars, invite your friends, and hold on to your seats...this will be a full night of amazement! "Their edgy act is part carnival freak show, part burlesque, and will leave you on the edge of your seat and resisting the urge to cover your eyes, whether it's pounding nails into their face, walking across broken glass, swallowing things they probably shouldn't or plenty of other sideshow stunts in a show that combines a vaudevillian vibe with a punk rock soul. This roving band of tattooed carnies are not for the faint of heart."

Elder Island with Dirty Nice, Bobo

Beware before entering Elder Island’s world because once you’re in you won’t want to leave. Be prepared to be led down paths from which you can’t come back, to be captivated by sensual, soulful, shapeshifting songs, to encounter lyrics littered with clues.

There is magic in Elder Island’s music and perhaps a little witchcraft. Trying to pin the Bristol trio’s sound down is pointless because the usual pop rules don’t apply. Textures matter as much as melodies. Genres bend and blend. Electronics rub shoulders with odd instruments. Katy Sargent sings as though casting a spell.

They are songs to lose yourself in, to be swept away by, to send shivers up your spine. What they mean is for the listener to decipher. There are signposts, of course – alluring lyrics, telling atmospherics, tantalising sonic twists and turns, tempo-changing beats – but these lovingly-crafted life stories aren’t literal. They’re far too smart for that.