The Rocky Horror Show

When a newly engaged couple, Brad and Janet, innocently set out to visit an old professor, a thunderstorm and a flat-tire lead them to seek help at the castle of the alien, transvestite scientist, Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter. As Brad and Janet are swept up into Frank ‘N’ Furter’s latest experiment, the night’s misadventures will cause them to question everything they’ve known about themselves, each other and love. This humorous tribute to the classic B Sci-Fi films and horror genre, with an irresistible rock’n’roll score, is a wild ride that no audience will soon forget.


Jesse Colin Young

Americana singer and songwriter and founder of The Youngbloods comes to the Egyptian Theatre October 18th through the 20th. 8pm shows, no opener. For 50 years Jesse Colin Young has been singing songs about peace, relationships and the environment. His musical style is now considered Americana, but in fact it's his unique fusion of jazz, blues, folk and rock with an emphasis on his extraordinary voice that makes his signature sound. Known for “Get Together”, “Ridgetop”, and “Darkness, Darkness”. Reduced pricing offered Thursday! TICKETS: Thursday: House $39, Front-of House $49, Cabaret $65 Friday & Saturday: House $43, Front-of-House $53, Cabaret $70 $5 MORE Purchased at the Door. NO TAXES or SERVICE FEES All Sales are Final. No Refunds. Call the box office for exchange policy. Reserve tickets at or 435-649-9371


ZHU will be hitting The Depot on October 19 for Phase Two of Dune Tour with special guest TOKiMONSTA

The Sheepdogs with Calvin Love

For a new album that The Sheepdogs didn’t initially set out to make, Changing Colours is a stunning achievement.
Proud purveyors of guitar-driven modern-day retro rock, the triple Juno Award-winning Saskatoon-based quintet has expanded its sound on Changing Colours to encompass more styles and hues to enhance the Sheepdogs’ trademark beef-and-boogie twin-axe riffs, hooks, shuffles and long-haired aesthetic.
“We identify strongly with rock ‘n roll, but there’s definitely some branching out,” says Ewan Currie, The Sheepdogs’ singer, guitarist, songwriter and occasional - and yes, you’re reading this correctly - clarinetist. “The sounds we use on this – there’s more keyboards featuring Shamus and more stringed instruments. It’s still rock ‘n roll but there are more colours.”
It’s also great, passionate music born out of spontaneity: first resonating in the 17-song album’s euphoric opener “Nobody” and continuing to flavour such invigorating numbers as the electrifying “Saturday Night” and the driving “I’ve Got A Hole Where My Heart Should Be,” the record’s infectious first single.
But The Sheepdogs haven’t only stretched their sonic palate: they’ve also expanded stylistically, tastefully embracing other genres as well.
There’s the country-lite feel of “Let It Roll,” the Stax-soul aura of the mid-tempo anthem “I Ain’t Cool” that features trombone -- and the resplendent Latin-rock vibe that fuels “The Big Nowhere.”
This is what occurs when The Sheepdogs are left to their own devices: 
when the band completed its global responsibilities in promoting its fifth album, 2015’s Future Nostalgia, the band took a busman’s holiday, renting Toronto’s Taurus Studio and hiring its owner, Thomas D’Arcy, to engineer and co-produce whatever emerged from their creative loins. 
“It was very low key,” says Currie. “We didn’t have a clock. We would work until we were bored or tired. Then we would stop.”

THE MOTH & THE FLAME w/ Grove, Tishmal

Good Old War

A band resembles a brotherhood. No matter how fate twists and turns, the initial bond between members only strengthens over time. That’s undoubtedly been the case for Good Old War.


Downtown Farmers Market

This is the last summer Market of the 2018 season.  Stay tuned for the Winter Market

The Downtown Farmers Market is proud to enter its 27th year as Salt Lake City's most beloved summer tradition for residents and visitors. The Downtown Farmers Market exists to strengthen and support small local farms and businesses as they bring their products directly to the public. Our farmers and producers offer the freshest local fruits and vegetables as well as a wide variety of grass-fed meats, eggs, dairy, honey, and flora, along with the region's best locally made sauces, spreads, baked goods and culinary accouterments.

The Market will be on Saturdays, 8am to 2pm through October 20th.

Cold Weather Chicken Care

Pre-registration for this workshop is required. Class is $15, Scholarships are available! It can get pretty frigid here along the Wasatch Front during the winter months, and even though most chickens are pretty cold-hardy, it's important for us as their caretakers to make sure that they're protected from things like frostbite-causing conditions and cold drafts. At our "Cold Weather Chicken Care & Coop Winterization" workshop, we'll discuss some of the risks chickens face in cold winter conditions, and we'll work together to install draft protection in the coop and snow drift protection over our outdoor run. This is going to be a super fun, hands-on learning experience, and students will get to meet our awesome flock of feathered lovelies: Gert, Millie, Hazel, Dottie, Mrs. Winkles, Chicken Little, Banana and Annie Oakley. Come learn how to batten down the hatches for winter! Tickets available here: