Rocky Mountain Power: Going Green or Smoke Screen?

Rocky Mountain Power's Michael Lange will present his company's long-range plan and answer questions on the 21st. This public meeting is sponsored by Utah Valley Earth Forum. Facebook Event Page:

Sabaton The Great War

The Great War

Special Guest

Mating Ritual

Mating Ritual is an independent pop duo based in Los Angeles, California. Previously known as Pacific Air, Ryan Marshall Lawhon founded Mating Ritual in 2014 when his brother Taylor decided to go back to school. Initially a solo project, Ryan became increasingly more collaborative leading up to the debut album, 2017’s How You Gonna Stop It?, where the brothers realized they missed creating music as a duo and immediately began work on Mating Ritual’s sophomore album, the post punk leaning, critically acclaimed Light Myself On Fire.

As part of a one time joke that’s becoming reality, the brothers jumped ahead of schedule on their 5 albums in 5 years plan, finishing a third LP only months after LMOF. Named after their least favorite hashtag, Hot Content refines the sounds and ideas created on the first two albums, fusing the pop sensibilities of the debut with the more artistic impulses of their sophomore. Hot Content is slated for release May 10, 2019, on Ryan’s own label, Smooth Jaws.

Andrew Combs with Selfmyth, Bly Wallentine

Andrew Combs is a singer and songwriter whose work bridges the freedom and
possibility of his visual art with the influence of classic writing and storytelling. On his
new album, Ideal Man, Combs worked with producer/engineer Sam Cohen (Kevin
Morby, Benjamin Booker) to achieve a more raw, direct sound. The collection was
captured live in Cohen’s Brooklyn studio, with compact, muscular arrangements fueled
by taut, elastic grooves, and also featuring Combs’ longtime collaborators, drummer
Dom Billet and guitarist/keyboardist/bassist Jerry Bernhardt. While Combs may be best
known as a singer/songwriter in the classic 1970s Laurel Canyon sense of the term, he
proves the true versatility of his work here, often setting his acoustic aside in favor of
atmospheric synthesizers and distorted electric guitars. The songwriting for Ideal Man
was partly inspired by Combs’ recent fascination with painting. Combs started painting
when his wife was pregnant (They welcomed a daughter in 2017). “It really changed the
way that I write songs,” he reflects. “When I paint, I might start with a very abstract idea
or maybe even just a feeling, but from there I’ll paint and scrape and paint and erase and
keep on painting until something starts to take shape. I just let nature play out.”

Open Blues & More Jam

Join Robby's Blues Explosion for a blues jam on Monday nights! Signup at 9 pm, music around 9:30.

Brazilian Drum Workshop

Samba Fogo presents a four-week Brazilian drum workshop! Four (4) Sundays: October 6, 13, 20, & 27 1:00-2:00PM SLC Arts Hub 663 W. 100 S. in Salt Lake City All Levels, Age 10+ welcome Instruments are supplied $50 for the four-class workshop (Sorry, no single classes available - must purchase entire workshop) Info and Registration link: Classes will be taught by Samba Fogo Musical Director Mason Aeschbacher, who holds a Master's degree in Music from the University of Utah. Mason has been studying, performing and teaching Brazilian drumming for over 15 years. The workshop culminates in a drum audition to join the Samba Fogo band for all interested students! Held on November 1 from 1:00-2:00pm, see separate event for details.

Please visit or email for further information.

Beginning Samba Workshop

Samba Fogo presents a 6-week beginning samba dance workshop! Learn the fundamentals of Brazilian Samba dance in a fun and welcoming setting designed for the beginning student. All levels, ages 10-100 welcome. Wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in. Tennis shoes, dance shoes, or bare feet are all appropriate. No previous dance experience necessary - complete beginners are completely welcome! This workshop meets once a week for six (6) weeks on Tuesdays: October 22 and 29, and November 5, 12, 19, and 26 SLC Arts Hub (663 W. 100 S.) 7:00-8:00pm Full 6-Class Workshop: $80 Single Drop-in Class: $20 (Samba Fogo class cards are accepted for this workshop: 8 punches for full workshop, 2 punches per drop-in class). A minimum of six (6) students must be pre-registered for the full workshop in order for it to run.

Please register well in advance on our website: Please email with any further questions.

Abhi the Nomad: The Modern Trash Tour with Atwood

Abhi the Nomad. Rarely has an artist name so aptly described the person and passion behind the music. Abhi spent his formative years roving from home to home, country to country, community to community. This constant movement created a strong sense of displacement in young Abhi, lacking the strong roots that stem from knowing that where you are living is your settled place in the world.

At the same time, it allowed him to gain a holistic worldview where he continuously noticed the same patterns, regardless of the place. Waste. Decay. Trash. That's what Abhi's next album, Modern Trash, is all about. A cry to the planet. The same planet that is clearly crying out to us, to stop the destruction. We can’t save it all, but we can each do our part.

Beatles vs. Stones

Returning to The Depot!! The British Invasion brought us the two most popular rock groups of all time, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, as well as the liveliest debate in rock history - which band is the greatest? These two legendary bands will engage in a musical “shoot out of the hits” featuring internationally renowned tribute bands, Abbey Road and Satisfaction - The International Rolling Stones Show.

Frank Turner: No Man's Land