Gavin Dahl - Executive Director / General Manager:

Ebay Hamilton - Director of Programming and Operations / On-Air Host: 

Trina Baghoomian - Director of Sponsorship & Special Events / Underwriting & Challenge Grants:

Shell Yeah Danis - Assistant Program Manager / Sponsorship / Trade / Underwriting:

Connor Estes - Production Assistant: 

John Florence - On-Air Host: 

Eugenie Hero Jaffe - On-Air Host, Web & Social Media Manager:

Lara Jones - Executive Producer, Host of RadioACTive & Director of Social Impact:

Morgan Keller - Membership Director: 

Michelle Otto - Membership Coordinator:

Eric Nelson - Volunteer and Facilities Manager:

Valene Peratrovich - Production Assistant:


Bill Ramsay - Engineering and IT

Felix Gonzalez - Operations 

Sully Phetchanpheng - Production 

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