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Best of September

We're falling in love with music all over again this month. Here are some of our fall favorites. Added bonus: Many of these artists are scheduled to play in Salt Lake City soon! Read all about them, listen in to the playlist below and get out there and enjoy some new tunes.


Crate Digging with Quinn Shumway

Quinn Shumway's daily vinyl picks as we get ready for KRCL's 909 Day Block Party and Record Sale. Finders keepers -- well, after you check out -- at Saturday's record sale.


Best of August 2023

We finished up a hot summer with some albums that we will definitely carry into the fall. Check out some of our favorite releases from this month and add them to your collection!


Hip Hop for People Who Don't Like Hip Hop

On August 11, 1973, Hip Hop Pioneer, DJ Kool Herc, was DJing his sister's back-to-school party in the Bronx when he did something that, according to legend, had never been done before. Using two turntables and two copies of the same record, he extended the "break" in a song, isolating what he considered to be the best part of the song, and repeated the break, over-and-over, going back-and-forth between the two records. The crowd was blown away and a new form of music, and culture, was born.