Events for Lectures/Discussions

Legislative Preview Breakfast

Join United Way and hear from legislative leaders about upcoming issues affecting all Utahns, and learn how the 2020 Legislature will be working to advance the education, financial stability, and health of our families, neighborhoods, and communities.

Join us for breakfast on Tuesday, January 21st as we explore how to move our state forward.
Event Details: 7:30 a.m. Check-In 8:00 a.m.- 9:30 a.m. Program Parking validations will be available at check- in.
Please contact or 801.736-8929 with any questions.

A Lecture With Avery Friedman

Moot Courtroom, Level 6 A Practical Guide to Federal Civil Rights Practice: a review of basic federal civil rights statutes including Title VII, Title VIII, Title II, Title IX, ADEA, and the Reconstruction-era statutes, among others, and how lawyers can do good and do well. 1 hour Utah CLE (pending). Free and open to the public.

No registration required.

Free Lecture - Dr. Dale Poulter

Dr. Dale Poulter, Ph.D. will discuss the struggle for survival through changes in DNA by mutations, alliances, wars and sex has added unanticipated complexity to the tree of life, as described in David Quammen’s book, The Tangled Tree, (Simon and Schuster; 2018).

Preach Podcast Live

Join host Lee Hale for the first ever live Preach podcast on January 30 at The State Room in downtown Salt Lake City. What happens when a Mormon, a Muslim and a Rabbi walk into a bar? Join host Lee Hale for the first ever live Preach podcast to find out! We’re bringing KUER’s new podcast to the stage in the style of a late night talk show … with an existential twist. Special guests will include: Satin Tashnizi and Nora Abu-Dan of The Emerald Project Rabbi Samuel Spector of the Congregation Kol Ami Stacey Harkey, comedian and cofounder of JK! Studios And since Preach is a show all about the messiness of faith, you can expect conversations to get a little messy. Plus there will be games, live music and everyone gets some special limited edition Preach swag.

General admission tickets available for $20. Thursday, January 30 at The State Room Doors open at 7 p.m. | Show starts at 7:30 p.m. Purchase your tickets today through Eventbrite:

The Big Thaw

Moot Courtroom (Level 6. Permafrost–permanently frozen ground that lies under tundra and boreal forests across the Arctic–covers more than 12 percent of the earth’s land. In The Big Thaw, readers meet scientists and students who have been studying the permafrost and what it contains: a vast store of ancient carbon, more than four times the quantity found in all of today’s forests, a ticking “carbon bomb” releasing carbon dioxide and methane as the permafrost thaws. Braving hordes of mosquitoes, quicksand, and extreme temperatures, the researchers are racing against the clock to educate us about the changes we must make to preserve Earth’s carbon balance. In this talk, photographer Chris Linder will share behind-the-scenes stories from his eight field seasons photographing scientists at work in Siberia and Alaska.

Research and Conservation of Utah's Native Bees

While Utah is known as the Beehive State, most people don’t realize that over 1100 different kinds of bees can be found in Utah. In his talk, Dr. Joseph Wilson will introduce many of these bees that call Utah home and discuss the role they play in both agricultural and natural landscapes. As a hotspot of bee biodiversity, Utah, with its numerous national parks, national monuments, wilderness areas and other protected lands can provide refuge for bees and other pollinators. For example, when the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (GSENM) was first established in 1996, part of the justification for setting aside this vast area in southern Utah was to protect the regions “diverse and endemic plant community and their pollinators.” With recent reductions in the size of the GSENM it is unclear what this means for the areas bee populations. Dr. Wilson will describe the bee community known from the original GSENM and explore how the changes to the monument might affect the bee community found therein.

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Revisited

Moot Courtroom (Level 6) The presentation represents the culmination of thirty years of engagement with the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Professor Keiter first explored the related GYE and ecosystem management concepts in the late 1980s and recently returned to the GYE to assess what has transpired during the past thirty years, what forces for change have been at work, and where GYE conservation efforts stand today.

Ayeye! Commemorating the Abolition of Slavery in Puerto Rico

Ayeye! Commemorating the Abolition of Slavery in Puerto Rico Bomba Marile and Sema Hadithi invite you to join us to commemorate the abolition of slavery in Puerto Rico.  Ayeye means celebration in Yoruba and we hope to use this event to celebrate the strength and endurance of those with African descent in Puerto Rico. The abolition of slavery in PR occurred on March 22, 1873, but for centuries before that, there were numerous example of resistance that we would like to honor.

Highlights of the Event: (Details subject to change) Lecture by Melanie Maldonado on "Bomba as Resistance". Melanie Maldonado, is a featured guest speaker from Florida. She is the founder and director of PROPA - Puerto Rican Organization for the Performing Arts. Melanie is a Boricua bombera, historian, and artivist. **Lecture by Melanie Domenech Rodríguez, Boricua professor at USU

Bomba Marile will put on a toque de bomba and we encourage the audience to join us in singing, dancing, and playing bomba as we remember our ancestors.

Westside Elementary School will be displaying poster board presentations on Puerto Rican culture and history Vendors: (more details to come)

Rosette Bahati will be selling African clothing and jewelry. We will be raffling off Bomba T-shirts and Bomba classes. Papito Moe’s Food truck will be selling delicious Puerto Rican food.

This is a family friendly event. We recommend a $10 donation per person either through cash or Venmo to @Dr-Miriam or PayPal to

Ayeye! Conmemoracion de la abolicion de la esclavitud en Puerto Rico Bomba Marile y Sema Hadithi los invitan a unirse con nosotros para conmemorar la abolicion de la esclavitud en Puerto Rico..  Ayeye significa celebración en Yoruba y en este evento vamos a conmemorar la fuerza y la resistencia de aquellos con ascendencia Africana en Puerto Rico. La abolición de la esclavitud en PR ocurrió el 22 de Marzo de 1873, pero durante siglos pasados, hubo numerosos ejemplos de resistencia que nos gustaría honrar. Programa: (Detalles se puedan cambiar): Lectura de Melanie Maldonado sobre "Bomba como Resistencia" Melanie es invitada especial de Florida, historiadora boricua, y fundadora de PROPA. Lectura de Melanie Domenech Rodriguez, profesora Boricua de USU. Bomba Marile hara toque de bomba y animamos al publico a que se una con nosotros para cantar, bailar y tocar bomba mientras recordamos a nuestros antepasados.  Westside Elementary School tendra presentaciones de ninos sobre la cultura e historia de PR Vendedores: (mas detalles por venir) Rosette Bahati vendera ropa y joyas Africanas. Estaremos rifando camisetas de Bomba y clases de Bomba.  Papito Moe’s estara vendiendo comida Puertorriquena.

Todos estan invitados incluyendo ninos. Recomendamos una donacion de $10 por persona ya sea a traves de efectivo o Venmo @Dr-Miriam o PayPal

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Live at the Eccles presents Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson returns with a brand-new show: ‘Astronomy Bizarre’ - The list of cool things in the universe is long and occasionally scary: Black Holes, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Diamond stars, Gamma Ray bursts, White Holes, Worm Holes, Multiverses. Here we review all that bends the mind the most in the cosmos. Tyson's professional research interests are broad, but include star formation, exploding stars, dwarf galaxies, and the structure of our Milky Way. Neil is the recipient of twenty honorary doctorates and the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal, the highest award given by NASA to a non-government citizen. His contributions to the public appreciation of the cosmos have been recognized by the International Astronomical Union in their official naming of asteroid 13123 Tyson.

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