Events for Lectures/Discussions

Breakfast Club with Catherine Weller

Have a cup of coffee and danish with Catherine Weller, who has all your early morning book news and gossip. Hosted and co-sponsored by Coffee Connection!

Lit Knit

Join Catherine the Knit Chick and her Craft Circle for casual bookish conversation! Lit Knit is held the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month.

Aspen Ecology & Conservation

Dr. Paul Rogers will host a free presentation on the ecology and conservation of Utah's State Tree. Come hear about Pando, the world's largest living being, found near Fish Lake, Utah. Explore aspen's incredible biodiversity and learn why these forests are not only pretty to look at, but hold so much value as habitat to an array of species. A Q&A session will follow the photo presentation.

Author in the House Writers Series: Sara Zarr

Come join us at Sweet Library for an evening of reading, refreshment, and conversation with author Sara Zarr. Sara Zarr has been writing for twenty years, and has enjoyed a career as an acclaimed published author for the last eleven. Though most of her known work is young adult fiction, she also writes adult fiction and nonfiction, not to mention unfinished screenplays. She’s a two-time Utah Book Award winner, a National Book Award finalist, and is only one degree from Kevin Bacon. She grew up in San Francisco and has lived in Salt Lake City with her husband since 2000.

Job Fair for Adult Learners, Refugees & Routh

The Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office in collaboration with the Salt Lake City Police Department will hold a job fair at the Horizonte Instruction and Training Center on July 27. The fair is targeting adult learners, members of refugee communities and graduating high school seniors, juniors and undergraduate college students. The fair will include presentations on how to build a resume and be prepared for a job interview. Participants will be able to format their resume for a specific job, print it and then meet with potential employers. Local universities and colleges will also have representatives to help with education options. The American Red Cross will have a blood drive and people can register to participate at and by entering sponsor code SERVICE. The National Tongan American Society will do a voter registration drive during this event. Job Fair Employers include Salt Lake City Corporation, Salt Lake City Fire, Salt Lake City Police, Salt Lake City Dispatch, Salt Lake City Airport, Henkel, Sephora, Amazon, University of Utah Hinckley Institute, UPS, Sweet Candy Co., Specialized Bicycles, Workforce Staffing, C.R. England, M&M Distributing, Advanced Storage Products, Stadler Rail and ARUP. Schools: University of Utah, Westminster College, Salt Lake Community College, Neumont University and Weber State University.

Resume building workshop – 10-11:30 a.m. Mock interviews – 12-1:30 p.m. Contact: Kaletta Lynch, 801-535-6202,

Roy Scranton: We're Doomed Now What?

Weller's welcomes back Roy Scranton to the store! He'll be reading selections from his latest, WE'RE DOOMED, NOW WHAT? An American Orwell for the age of Trump, Roy Scranton faces the unpleasant facts of our day with fierce insight and honesty. We’re Doomed. Now What? penetrates to the very heart of our time. Our moment is one of alarming and bewildering change—the breakup of the post-1945 global order, a multispecies mass extinction, and the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it. Not one of us is innocent, not one of us is safe. Now what? WE'RE DOOMED. NOW WHAT? addresses the crisis that is our time through a series of brilliant, loving, and original essays on climate change, war, literature, and loss, from one of the most provocative and iconoclastic minds of his generation. Whether writing about sailing through the melting Arctic, preparing for Houston’s next big storm, watching Star Wars, or going back to the streets of Baghdad he once patrolled as a soldier, Roy Scranton handles his subjects with the same electric, philosophical, demotic touch that he brought to his groundbreaking New York Times essay, “Learning How to Die in the Anthropocene.” ROY SCRANTON is the author of WAR PORN and LEARNING TO DIE IN THE ANTHROPOCENE, and co-editor of FIRE AND FORGET: SHORT STORIES FOR THE LONG WAR. His journalism, essays, and fiction have been published in The Nation, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Boston Review, and elsewhere. He holds a PhD in English from Princeton and an MA from the New School for Social Research and teaches in the Department of English at the University of Notre Dame. The reading will be followed by a signing.

Breakfast Club with Catherine Weller

Have a cup of coffee and danish with Catherine Weller, who has all your early morning book news and gossip. Hosted and co-sponsored by Coffee Connection.

Curiosity Bibliotherapy: Western

ACME Lab: Mirror; Mask

MIRROR / MASK is a project by New York City-based artist Marisa Morán Jahn (Studio REV-) whose work uses mirrored masks to explore how we see ourselves reflected—or distorted—in others. It delves into ideas of identity, presentation, and self-reflection through an immersive exhibition in the ACME Lab as well as works juxtaposed with UMFA objects in the permanent galleries. Jahn cites her interest in Asian, African, and Greek rituals and dramaturgy masks as influences for the artwork. She is also interested in examining Western modes of self-presentation in an era of ubiquitous digital screens and mirrors. Jahn’s interventions of sculpture, performance, photography, moving GIFs, and video into the museum’s permanent collections of European portraiture, Egyptian funerary objects, and African works raises questions about how we present ourselves (whether in painting or selfies) and imagine the other. Of Chinese and Ecuadorian descent, Jahn is an artist; a faculty member in MIT’s Art, Culture, and Technology program; and the founder of Studio REV-, a nonprofit organization whose public art projects and creative media impact the lives of low-wage workers, immigrants, women, and youth. Jahn’s work in MIRROR / MASK is supported by Creative Capital. Located in the Emma Eccles Jones Education Center, ACME Lab is an exhibition space for art experimentation and exploration. Visitors of all ages are encouraged to ask questions, make connections across disciplines, and engage with art in new ways.

Fiction as a Force for the Environment

Join authors Scott Graham and Chip Ward at The King’s English Bookshop as they discuss fiction as a force for the environment. Scott Graham will discuss the latest in his National Park Mystery Series, Yosemite Fall, and Chip Ward will discuss his novel Stony Mesa Sagas.