Parsons Dance

PARSONS DANCE Known for their remarkable athleticism and stunning ensemble work, Parsons Dance brings exuberance, joy and passion to any stage. Flawlessly fusing the gestures and movements that comprise modern dance with the discipline and precision of a classical dance company, Parsons Dance is internationally renowned. Stunning works, like the iconic Caught, exemplify this company’s innovation and huge audience appeal.

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The Garcia Project (Night 2)

The Garcia Project’s performances are recreations of full, classic Jerry Garcia Band set lists from 1976-1995. More than just a Jerry Garcia Band Tribute Band or Jerry Garcia Cover Band, using thoughtful arrangements and the proper instrumentation and feel, The Garcia Project faithfully channels and projects the feelings, emotions and music that propelled the Jerry Garcia Band and their fans through the years. For anyone that never had a chance to experience the Jerry Garcia Band or for fans that want to relive a classic show, The Garcia Project delivers. The Garcia Project has received rave reviews from the press and from fans. Touring across the country, The Garcia Project has made many fans extremely happy. The Garcia Project is THE Jerry Garcia Band Tribute Band or Jerry Garcia Band Cover Band – and it’s about family, soul searching, rejoicing, contemplating, celebrating, seeking truth and loving one another.

KBP4 Locals Highlight The Plastic Cherries, Musor, Josh Doss & The Cancers

Damien Jurado with Hannah Frances


The search for one’s identity is a lifelong process that every individual must go through. Who someone is today, is not the person they were yesterday nor who they may be tomorrow. Despite those changes, there is a general idea of a defined sense of self. No matter what happens, it is that small yet solid and grounding definition of self that continues to drive us forward in our search for identity and whatever may come with it. It would be difficult to find any artist who understands that better than the band Lucero. Since forming in Memphis in the late 90’s, Lucero’s base musical hallmarks have remained similar to the band’s initial sound established with their first record The Attic Tapes. In the history of their expansive discography, Lucero has evolved and embraced everything from southern rock to Stax-inspired Memphis soul, whilst simultaneously maintaining their distinctive sonic foundations. Over 20 years later, dedicated fans of the group still flock to hear the band’s punchy driving rhythms, punk-rooted guitar licks, and lyrics that evoke the whiskey drenched sentimentality of Americana singer-songwriters. As expected of any band built to survive, Lucero has welcomed change over the course of their career, but it has always been on their terms. The band’s twelfth album, Should’ve Learned by Now, began its life as hardly more than some rough demos and lingering guitar parts. These pieces that were left behind from the band’s previous albums, Among the Ghosts (2018) and When You Found Me (2021) were deemed too uptempo and capering for the prior records’ darker themes.


Tennis: Pollen 2023 Tour

Demon Hunter Twenty Years In Exile Tour

Owls & Aliens w Late Night Savior, Down River, Become The Void

Reflecting on Germany’s War Against the Jews from an American Perspective

On Holocaust Memorial Day we remember Germany’s war against the Jews. Here a modern, industrialized state transcended its national borders to commit the mass murder of innocent people. In the end, two-thirds of Europe’s Jews and one-third of the world’s Jewish population were slaughtered. Although thousands of miles away, Americans proved less than innocent bystanders to these events. This discussion will explore the beliefs and values of the perpetrators of genocide, to realize the roles of leaders and opinion makers in shaping the perceptions of those who followed. Yet, in remembering the past, we must weigh our responsibilities in the present. What does the increasing normalization of anti-Semitism in the United States portend for American Jews and the core values and institutions of our country? Panelists: Amos Guiora, Ph.D. Bob Goldberg, Ph.D. Moderator: Hollis Robbins, Ph.D.

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