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TAUK TAUK may be an instrumental band, but even without words, the group’s extraordinary new album, Chaos Companion, manages to speak volumes about the ups and downs of a year that challenged—and transformed—us all. “Everyone’s got a chaos companion, something that keeps you grounded in the midst of all the madness,” says bassist Charlie Dolan. “Maybe it’s your spouse, maybe it’s your kids, maybe it’s your dog. For us, it was the music.” Recorded at the band’s newly completed studio on their native Long Island, Chaos Companion is indeed a work of profound comfort and catharsis, but more than that, it’s a testament to the kind of growth and evolution that can emerge in the face of struggle and uncertainty. Forced off the road for the first time in years by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dolan and his bandmates—guitarist Matt Jalbert, drummer Isaac Teel, and keyboardist Alric Carter—used the rare break from touring to stretch themselves as writers and instrumentalists, leaning into the sense of liberation and possibility that came with an empty calendar and letting it guide them toward uncharted musical territory. The resulting songs push TAUK’s sound to bold new heights, fearlessly fusing elements of progressive rock, funk, soul, EDM, and hip-hop into a richly melodic, groove-driven blend, one that’s complemented perfectly here by the equally adventurous production work of longtime collaborator Robert Carranza. Add it all up and you’ve got an evocative, cinematic collection that hints at everything from 70’s film scores and 80’s video game soundtracks to 90’s R&B and modern dance music, an immersive, transportive record that blurs the lines between the analog and the electronic as it balances old school grit and futuristic sheen in equal measure.


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Noah Gundersen In November of 2021, we started this record at Sage Arts Studio in Arlington, Washington. The south fork of the Stillaguamish River runs through the property – a rapid, churning force. There is a deep, smoldering green and gray that envelops the Pacific Northwest in the winter. The sun sets around 4:30 p.m. It’s the perfect time to make an album. Andy Park, Dave Dalton, Sean Lane, Harrison Whitford, Dave Dawda, and I learned and tracked 11 songs in five days. Most of it was done live, with all of us playing together in the same room. These guys are incredibly talented musicians and it was a privilege to make this record with them. This is the third record Andy and I have made together and I am continuously grateful for his guidance. My sister, Abby, contributed beautiful string arrangements and harmonies, once again playing an integral part as she has on all my records. These last several years have been ones of significant personal change. I got married to my lovely wife, Misha, taking a deeper step into the uncharted territory of building a life with another person, pushing past my former limits of commitment. We bought a little house in a small town in Washington with our two (now three) dogs and our cat. It’s a quiet life, but a good one. For a while, I stopped actively pursuing music and took a job working construction. I found myself disillusioned with the industry and no longer knew my place in it. The world around me has changed rapidly and I sometimes have difficulty grasping it. There were moments when I felt I had lost the wind from my sails – but I still love creating music and I love these songs.

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