Caretakers of our Musical Traditions

Bomba Marilé invites you for a day of honoring our elders and our ancestors. We are thrilled to be having guest artists Jose Nuno Calderon Pou and Felipe Febres Rivera all the way from Puerto Rico. Thanks to the support of the Sorenson Unity Center and the Salt Lake City Arts Council, the entire day is free and open to all. The entire day will be taking place at the Sorenson Unity Center. Schedule: 9:30-11am Bomba Percussion Class by Felipe 11:30am-1pm Bomba Dance Class by Nuno 3-4:30pm Panel Discussion on honoring our elders as caretakers of our musical traditions Panelists include: Jose Nuno Calderon Mabiba Baegne Larry Cesspooch Moderator: Jorge Rodriguez 5-7pm: Live music from Kennedy Junior High Mariachi Band and from Bomba Marilé with guests artists

Bomba Marilé les invita a un día de homenaje a nuestros mayores y a nuestros ancestros. Estamos encantados de tener artistas invitado José Nuno Calderón Pou y Felipe Febres Rivers, desde Puerto Rico. Gracias por el apoyo del Sorenson Unity Center y del Salt Lake City Arts Council, todo el día sera gratis y abierto a todos. El dia entero se llevará a cabo en el Sorenson Unity Center. Itinerario: 9:30-11am Clase de percusión de bomba por Felipe 11:30am-1pm Clase de baile de Bomba por Nuno 3-4:30 pm Panel de discusión honrando a nuestros mayores como guardianes de nuestras tradiciones musicales Los panelistas incluyen: José Nuno Calderón Mabiba Baegne Larry Cesspooch Moderador: Jorge Rodríguez 5-7pm: Música en vivo con Kennedy Junior High Mariachi Band y Bomba Marilé con los artistas visitantes

Jewish Arts Festival

Jewish Arts Festival Tickets on Sale Now: $65/person Take a front row seat as the JCC celebrates Jewish Culture in this year's Jewish Arts Festival, Inspiration. Enjoy an evening of food from Park City's Nosh, wine, and a special, intimate performance by Salt Lake City's own Repertory Dance Theatre in the round. It will be a night of celebration, inspiration, and entertainment.

Switchfoot The Beautiful Letdown 20th Anniversary Tour with A Place For Owls

Anime Girlfriend Sydney Rian, No Shooting Friends Joseph

Cam Cole It‘s an exciting time to listen to Cam Cole and follow his journey. From the streets of Camden in London his songs, his guitars, his Farmer footdrums and most importantly his followers have taken him across the world. Shows in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, an Irish tour, a 20 date UK tour, a standout performance at Festival Vaiven in Mexico which gained him thousands of new fans at the other end of the world and most importantly his first 3-month USA tour where Cam sold out venues in cities he had never been to before are all part of an incredible journey that only two years ago seemed impossible. All these experiences have taken Cam’s stagecraft and musicianship to another level which are at display in his new single "Truth Be Told". Take the feel from the Mississippi Delta, mix the soaring guitars of White Stripes with the stomp and aggression of Rage Against The Machine, then add the lessons learned after a decade of living on the road and you got a whole new take on these old 12 bars. Mixed by long-term producer Markus Stretz and mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys), dirty rock fans are in for the song that will get them out of bed this fall.


Filmquest Film Festival


ALO is a lot of things. Put simply, it’s a rock band, a family, an artistic outlet, a community, a business. But that only scratches the surface of this 3O-year musical vision-quest. ALO is an adventure, it’s a Spring break road trip to Colorado, it’s an all-night drive from Salt Lake City to San Jose. It’s the comfort of hanging out with life-long friends, of relaxing on a couch and finding treasures hidden in its cushions. It’s a coffee table full of amazing books on art, philosophy and music. It feels old and new, fresh and classic. It holds tension and dreams and possibility in its folds. It hopes to unveil something magical, something unheard of, something the world needs. It smells of super burritos and vans full of lemons, old bongs and epic hikes. It’s a sound of growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s a sound of northern California, with sprinkles of Santa Barbara and Augusta, Georgia. It was born of childhood friendships, of shared destinies, of inside jokes and of a desire to make people happy. It’s not for everyone, although it tries to be. It wants you to love and share in its vision. It’s long and meandering, then suddenly sharp, abrupt! It’s feral and clever, and it means you no harm. It’s love and freedom, collected and catalogued, then released back until the wilds from whence it came, over and over again. It's an orchestrated liberation of our animal soul

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Spacegun and Magda-Vega

Spacegun and Magda-Vega LIVE at Funk N' Dive in Ogden!

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Change grants clarity. As our circumstances shift, we recognize and realize what truly matters and appreciate it a little bit more. Pigeons Playing Ping Pong translates the joy of such realizations into the buoyant psychedelic funk odyssey of their sixth independent full-length album, the aptly titled Perspective. The Maryland quartet—Greg Ormont [vocals, guitar], Jeremy Schon [guitar, vocals], Ben Carrey [bass, vocals], and Alex “Gator” Petropulos [drums, vocals]—delivers a musically thrilling and emotionally endearing body of work propelled by sonic fireworks and chantable hooks. After piling up millions of streams and selling out countless shows, the musicians project their vision widescreen across the most expansive vista yet. “When touring shut down in 2020, we gained immense perspective,” admits Greg. “The album title speaks to the perspective of the pandemic as well as our growth over the years. During this turbulent time, everyone in the world has been forced to look in the mirror and ask what’s truly important. If there’s anything we’ve all gained from this, it’s perspective, and a recurring theme from our band is to not waste time. Now more than ever, we recognize that you only get one life, so you might as well live it to the fullest and lift people up in the process.” By doing so, the band has morphed into a cult-like phenomenon beloved by their rabid and ever-expanding fanbase, affectionately known as “The Flock.” Lighting up hallowed venues, they’ve ignited Red Rocks Amphitheatre, played halftime during a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, and packed theaters and arenas across the country, capturing the minds, hearts, and imaginations of audiences in the process. Not to mention, they’ve annually headlined their self-produced music and camping festival Domefest—now in its eleventh iteration. Beyond praise from Rolling Stone, Glide, Relix, Jambase and more, they delivered a standout performance on Adult Swim’s FishCenter Live and stole the show at countless music festivals including Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, Jam Cruise, and many others. Once the world slipped into quarantine, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong dove headfirst into their next creative chapter. “Our first thought was, ‘Even though we can’t play live, we have to keep the music alive, even if just for our own sanity’,” Greg goes on. “Music is our lifeforce and we have to keep the fire burning. So instead of watching the world go by, we quickly decided to pour all of our creative energy into the studio setting and rejoice in the healing power of music.”