Downtown Salt Lake Winter Market

Urban Food Connections is committed to helping our community connect with and support local food producers year-round.

The Winter Market will be held at the center of The Gateway on Saturdays between 10am to 2pm from November 11th through April 20th.  

There will be double the vendors with everything from hearty greens, microgreens, radishes, carrots, apples, Winter Squash and so much more. 

More information online

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Cory Mon

Ticket & event info can be found here:, my blessing, my curse, it's in me and it must come out. I can't help it, I must play, write, compose and perform. Without I am incomplete, while with, call me misfit in this world of the incorporated. I am a man confused and divided thus in recourse I am often brightened and enlightened. I emphatically give way to both light and dark, I live in pleasure and pain. My name: cory. Cory Mon has a distinctly unique, albeit pleasant voice in the world of music. “Happy (sometimes sad), gritty, funky, folksy, bluesy, rocky music… I guess”… he says when asked the dreaded, “So what type of music do you play?” Assuming the life of a musician, Cory has thrived as well as endured through the many ups and downs that have come throughout his well tenured 20+ year music career. Cory has released 60+ original songs and toured with and/or supported a handful of his favorite artists: JJ Grey & Mofro, Sean Hayes, The Avett Brothers, Patterson Hood etc.

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