Events for Live Music

Hippie Sabotage

Ritt Momney Album Release Night 2 with Blue Rain Boots, The Sardines


Josh Andromidas "EP Release" (formerly of Phantom Future)

Big Blue Ox and Tony Holiday

Pete Sands & The Drifters

After years of playing under the name "BLACKKISS, Sands decided to start a new chapter in his life and renamed his band "Pete Sands & the Drifters". The Drifters  are Steven Tabarez on Drums, Chris Aguilar on Lead Guitar, Nate Meredith on Bass, and on/off again steel pedal guitarist Ryan Hawthorne.

Hard Times with Boys Ranch

Twilight After-Party w/ The Joy Formidable with City Ghost

The Joy Formidable
Growing up in North Wales, I'd spend those summer days lying on the ground in the hay field at the front of the house, looking up to the sky, imagining familiar shapes in the clouds. Only thing was, the grass in the deep days of summer was often too high to even see any sky at all, you’d just disappear into the perfect hiding place. I think writing these songs became a different type of hiding place for me. Making this album has felt like trying to get a glimpse of the sky. This week, the wind blew the grass clear and we finally set eyes on that beautiful, formidable sky again. While the world today often feels more alluring & uglier than it was when we began this musical journey, I'm nevertheless reminded at how powerful music can be, how it heals, hurts, and how it wakes you up. I can't wait to share this madness with the rest of you someday soon. - Lots of love, RB (Ritzy Bryan)


Blue Zen Band

The Blue Zen Band. Will be playing a mix of Blues, Jazz and Rock n’ roll.