Events for Just for Kids

Craft Lake City STEM Lab: ValenSlime

At STEM labs, we use scientific principles in creative new ways, and our special guest scientist Beth Drees will explain not just HOW to make slime, but WHY the whole thing works! Using this new chemical knowledge, kids are encouraged to create test batches of slime to explore their favorite textures by experimenting with different combinations of ingredients until they find the perfect recipe. Once their slime is just right, we’ll use ratios to create a mega-batch, add their favorite custom mix-ins, and package individual portions to hand out as special DIY valentine gifts for the whole class. Even grown ups will have fun engineering fascinating new goops with their kids, and at the end, everyone will walk away feeling like a chemical engineer.

This workshop will be held at the STEM Action Center’s Innovation Hub in Millcreek (from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.), where you can have all the fun of slime and leave the mess behind! Please note: a parent or guardian must be in attendance with their child/children. The $29 ticket allows entry for one child and one parent. An additional $10 for entry of another child with that ticket.

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Ballet West's Snow White

Ballet West's Snow White runs April 7-8! Tickets here: Mirror, mirror, on the wall . . . It’s the legendary story of a beautiful princess and her seven adoring companions! See them overcome banishment, curses, and poisoned apples—all while growing closer together and learning the importance of life. Ballet West’s Family series is the perfect introduction to ballet for families and young children. Presented in just over an hour to tell the tale, Snow White will have your children captivated with the arts. One performance will always be produced with Spanish* narration, and our Family Classics selection is annually broadcast on KSL. Stay tuned to for details! *¡EN ESPAÑOL! ¡La presentación de la noche de abril 8 será narrada exclusivamente en español! The performance on the evening of April 8 will be presented exclusively with Spanish narration.