Events for Garden

Workshop: Garden Tool Sharpening and Maintenance

Join us in this new workshop to learn how to clean, sharpen and care for all your snips, pruners, shears, loppers, saws, and soil knives. This class will cover a wide selection of sharpening and cleaning materials available to home gardeners, how and when to use different products and where to source them. We’ll demonstrate techniques and tips specific to different types of gardening tools and offer hands-on practice during class so students can get a feel for cleaning their tools and honing a sharp edge. Expect to walk away with a working knowledge of different files, whetstones, various oils, lubricants and other tool cleaning and maintenance supplies. In addition to learning how to extend the life of your existing hand tools, you’ll learn what to look for when you need to purchase new tools that can stand the test of time. Register here:

Public Pruning Demonstration

his class provides an in-depth opportunity to learn foundational skills and principles for pruning apples, peaches, grapes and brambles. Topics include pruning cuts, tree form, and concepts that lead to successful fruit production. Attendees will receive instruction and see pruning in action as the USU Botanical Center horticulture team demonstrates principles. This class will be held outside in the Backyard Demonstration Orchard, please dress warm. Tickets must be purchased in advance at

Workshop: Organic Fruit Tree Care

King fruit, tree banding, shothole, chill hours, horticultural oil. Huh? If these terms are unfamiliar, this is the class for you. Whether you're just starting out with fruit trees or want to learn more about your existing fruit trees, this workshop provides great tips from local fruit tree experts. We'll cover basic fruit tree care topics including variety selection and chill hours, watering, fertilizing, thinning, and organic pest and disease prevention and management. We'll also learn about the specific organic methods and spray schedule that we follow at Wasatch Community Gardens to care for our wide variety of fruit trees to include pear, Asian pear, apple, plum, pluot, aprium, and nectarine. We understand that having multiple different kinds of fruit trees can mean a complicated and sometimes overwhelming regimen of product application for the home orchardist, and our experts can lay it all out for you in an easy-to-follow program.

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Workshop: Fruit Tree Pruning

Proper pruning of fruit trees helps to ensure that your fruit trees stay healthy and produce the highest quality fruit. In this popular workshop, our expert instructor will cover topics such as choosing the most effective pruning tools and determining pruning goals (size, shape, light penetration, etc.) and will demonstrate how to properly prune different types of fruit trees to maximize their health and productivity. Students will have an opportunity to both observe pruning of multiple types of fruit tree (pear, Asian pear, apple, plum, nectarine, pluot, and aprium) and to prune our larger apple, Asian pear, and/or peach trees under the guidance of the instructor. Our teaching gardens also feature the quite unusual columnar-type apples and a mini dwarf nectarine, so students will observe a wide range of tree types and sizes.

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