Events for Classes & Workshops

Volunteer Orientation: Bird Docent

Become a Bird Docent Volunteer and experience the wonder of raptors, first hand, while helping HWI expand its education mission! Bird Docent volunteers assist in providing community outreach programs with HawkWatch International's education birds. Volunteers are taught how to handle our non-releasable education birds, learn about birds of prey and our various programs, and then take the birds out to community programs to teach about raptor ecology and conservation. We do request a time commitment of volunteers and ask that they assist with some general bird care duties. If you would like to become a Bird Docent volunteer for HawkWatch International, please attend this orientation where you will meet the birds and Nikki Wayment, HawkWatch International's Executive Director.

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July Yoga Brunch and Live Music - Pop Up Wellness

We connect people with authentic yoga experiences in a social space, for all levels and styles. Each flow is set to a theme with live music and DJ's. Presented in partnership with local businesses, and instructors. Come join us Saturday morning's for a casual class followed by a delicious healthy plated brunch, music and socializing. Classes are led by guest instructors and certified coaches for a vigorous Vinyasa flow, great food, socializing. Mimosas and Bloody Mary's bar on your request. Tickets include a 1-hour long Sweat and Surrender class with an average 40 minutes focused on power yoga and 20 minutes on restore and flow. Each brunch is themed (we will let you know) so you can get funky or come as you are.

Grab your best outfits and your mats and join us for the outdoor yoga summer series on Kimi's lawn and patio. No mat? Message us, we provide a limited amount of mats for these classes until they run out. Doors open at 10:00 a.m. Yoga starts at 10:30 a.m. Then we'll retire to the patio for more socializing and therapeutic nutrition with our plated brunch at 11:30 a.m and music open until 1:30 p.m.

Choose a date, save your spot and bring some friends.  

Yoga on the15th is with certified trainer Emily Capito plus live music.

July 27th - Instructor announced soon 

August 17th Yoga with certified instructor Vanessa Noble and live music.

September 28th - Instructor announced soon October 19th, nstructor announced soon.

Limited spots, early bird pricing won't last long! Use code: REHAB for $10 off now. Full details on site. 808.662.6029

Zoo Camp: Let's Do Lunch

It is a real feast with the beasts here at the Zoo! Discover who eats what‒ and who at the Zoo –as we explore the many hunting and dining techniques of the animals. Who has teeth just like you? Who doesn’t have teeth at all? You’ll have a ripping and tearing good time as we “gnaw” on uncovering the true “foodies” of the animal kingdom. This week-long summer camp is for children entering into 2nd and 3rd grade in the fall.

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Zoo Camp: Curious Creatures and Fearsome Features

What would you think if you had a three‒foot nose or tall and twisted horns? Observe animals from head to toe as you explore the Zoo and find out why some creatures have such unique features. We will take an up‒close look at feathers, fur, fangs and feet to decide if the Zoo’s animals have fearsome features, or if they are just merely curious creatures! This week-long summer camp is for children entering into 4th and 5th grade in the fall.

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Zoo Camp: Animals on the Move

Hopping, dancing, wiggling and crawling are just a few ways animals move. Jump into our camp all about animal movement! Join us to discover how animals get from one place to another. Each day includes crafts, stories, games, and animal encounters. These activity‒filled days are designed to get kids moving and learning on the go! This three day long summer camp is for children entering into 1st grade in the fall.

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Zoo Camp: Conservation Connections

Why are animals vanishing all over the globe? What can you do to make a difference? We will take you on a journey to explore endangered species recovery and how Zoo’s work to keep animals from becoming endangered in the first place! From polar bears to orangutans, elephants to lions and toads to tortoises, we are working to make a difference. Get right down to the DNA of the problem and learn what you can do to help in this fun‒filled camp! This week-long summer camp is for children entering into 6th-8th grade in the fall.

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Zoo Camp: Animal Tales

We're jumping into the pages of our favorite "tails." Huff and puff with the big bad wolf, pucker‒up to a frog, pay a visit to our three bears and catch up with the tortoise and the hare, as you explore our Zoo "Jungle Book." You’ll become part of some exciting animal tales and discover the real animals behind these tales. This three day long summer camp is for children entering into 1st grade in the fall.

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Entrenamiento De Asesoria Contra El Abuso Sexual

Estamos entusiasmados de anunciar que la Coalición de Utah Contra el Asalto Sexual, UNP Hartland Partnership Center y Centro de Recuperación de Abuso Sexual se han asociado este verano para ofrecer el primer entrenamiento de asesoría totalmente conducido en español en el estado de Utah. La violencia sexual afecta a todas las comunidades. También sabemos que la comunidad latino/a experimenta violencia a tasas desproporcionadamente altas, tienen menos probabilidades de buscar servicios y son menos probables de reportar sus asaltos. Según el estudio de No Más (2015) 49% de Latina/o’s menores conocen a una víctima de violencia doméstica. Veinticinco por ciento de los latinos/as menores de 30 años y 27% menores de 25 años conocen a una víctima de agresión sexual. Esta capacitación nos ayudará a servir mejor a la comunidad latino/a y lanzar una línea de crisis en español en el año 2020. Cada participante aprenderá habilidades de asesoría, prevención y empoderamiento hacia el objetivo de poner fin a la violencia sexual en nuestro estado. Nuestras agencias han trabajado arduamente durante el último año para construir un currículo que abarque los matices de este problema. La capacitación incluye temas como violencia sexual infantil, trauma, intervención en crisis, prevención y mucho más.

Para obtener más información, visite nuestra página de registro aquí

We are excited to announce that the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault, UNP Hartland Partnership Center and the Rape Recovery Center have partnered to hold the first fully Spanish language Advocacy Training in the State of Utah, to take place this summer. Sexual violence affects all communities. We also know that the Latino/a community experiences violence at disproportionately high rates, are less likely to seek services and less likely report their assaults. According to No Mas Study (2015) 49% of Latina/o’s under 30 years old and 44% under 25 years old know a victim of domestic violence. 25% of Latino/a’s under 30 years old and 27% under 25 years old know a victim of sexual assault. This training will help us better serve the Latino/a community and launch a Spanish crisis line in 2020. Each participant will learn advocacy, prevention and empowerment skills towards the goal of ending sexual violence in our state. Our agencies have worked hard over the last year to build a curriculum that encompasses the nuances of this issue. The training includes topics such as childhood sexual violence, trauma, crisis intervention, prevention and much more.

For more information about the training, visit our registration page

Zoo Camp: Ecosystems of the Globe

Experience the savanna of Africa, the rainforest of South America, and the arctic of Alaska all in one week! Discover and meet some of the animals that call these places home and explore their amazing adaptations as you “travel” the world with us! This week-long summer camp is for children entering into 2nd and 3rd grade in the fall.

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Zoo Camp: Adventures in Enrichment

Do lions like catnip? Are monkeys always playful? What is a special treat for an elephant? How do zookeepers get the animals up and moving to spark their curiosity? Through enrichment! Spend the week learning how the Zoo “spices up” the lives of animals through different types of enrichment. This week-long summer camp is for children entering into 4th and 5th grade in the fall. Register online at