Community Affairs

Hear stories and interviews about the people and issues that shape Utah. 

RadioACTive 9.15.21

Meet the DJ, Lori Rosendahl of Sunday Sagebrush Serenade. SLC Mayor Erin Mendenhall on homelessness, crime and COVID in the Capital City. The Utah Foundation's new series on social capital in the Beehive State.


RadioACTive 9.14.21

Able Fund launches Fish Tank. Emigration Canyon Sustainability Alliance celebration and call to action in defense of our watershed. DWR, Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative reseed in wake of drought and wildfires.


RadioACTive: September 13, 2021

Utah Nonprofits Association ready to Regroup. Dr. S. Atyia Martin on embedding equity. Joan Trumpauer Mulholland Foundation's Loki Mulholland on The End of Slavery, The Fight for Amendment C, which has been racking up awards, and a virtual 80th birthday party for his Freedom Rider mom.


RadioACTive: September 10, 2021

#PunkRockFarmerFriday with Aldine, who visits Cress Farm, the home of Solstice Spice. Fresh, homegrown music from Josaleigh Pollett. Festa Italiana, Veg Fest and more cultural festivals to enjoy this month!