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RadioACTive 03.14.23

Eps. 2 and 3 of Solo Eramos Ninos: Step into the shoes of the children, employees, teachers and after-school program directors who recall the events of Dec. 12, 2006, and the impact it had on them, their friends, families, and the community. To further understand the trauma of that day, hosts Shelby and Angel Lopez discuss issues of trauma specific to migration, intergenerational and historical trauma, and culturally relevant healing principles for Latine people.


RadioACTive 03.13.23

RadioACTive passes the microphone to podcasters Angel and Shelby Lopez to share Solo Eramos Ninos, a podcast about the largest single-day immigration enforcement action in United States history. Together, the husband-and-wife podcast team explores the nuances of immigration, Latine culture, first generations, mental health, and hope for a better life. Plus, author Shelley Read on her debut novel about loss, love and hope against the backdrop of Iola, the real Western Slope town that was submerged by the creation of the Blue Mesa Reservoir in the 1960s.


RadioACTive 03.10.23

Punk Rock Farmer Friday, with Aldine, KRCL's Punk Rock Farmer, and Lara with more true tales from the agrihood and a trip to Argyle Farms. Best Friends, Wasatch Coop Market, Slow Money Institute, SkyWatcher Leo T and fresh, homegrown music from Kate MacLeod.


RadioACTive 03.09.23

Tanner Fellow Taylor Brorby and the ULA on books, laws and lawmakers. Sue Robbins of Equality Utah's Transgender Advisory Council reviews and rebuts the Utah Legislature. Plus, The Other Side Village breaks ground.