Community Affairs

Hear stories and interviews about the people and issues that shape Utah. 

RadioACTive 02.08.23

How Code Blue legislation could save lives with 2nd + 2nd Coalition. The arts and your quality of life with Utah Cultural Alliance and Salt Lake County Arts and Culture. Plus, Living Traditions needs your help.


RadioACTive 02.07.23

Week 4 at the Utah Legislature. RadioACTive checks in with the League of Women Voters of Utah are keeping an eye on #ThePeoplesBusiness. Plus, more Sugar-Free February inspiration. Plus, Becca Tarnas on synchronistic parallels between Jung's and Tolkien's Red Books.


RadioACTive 02.06.23

Join us for a deep dive into ranked choice voting with former state lawmaker Rebecca Chavez-Houck. She's also now part of We Are Democracy Rising, a group focusing on BIPOC women as agents of change. Plus, Many Wests at the UMFA, and NBA All-Star Week and the Utah Black Chamber.


RadioACTive 02.03.23

Punk Rock Farmer Friday, with Aldine, KRCL's Punk Rock Farmer, and Lara. Red Acre Center with bills affecting the agrihood, Downtown SLC Farmers Market news, Turn Community Services, Utah Flower Conference and SkyWatcher Leo T. Plus, fresh, homegrown music from Eyes Buggy.