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RadioACTive 12.01.22

With the regulated use of psychedelic mushrooms approved by Colorado voters last month, RadioACTive checks in on the Utah movement to legalize it. Plus, World AIDS Day with Dr. Adam Spivak.


RadioACTive 11.30.22

Round 2 of a grassroots view of UDOT's proposed Interstate 15 expansion, featuring a homeowner, Sweet Streets SLC and the Westside Coalition. Plus, the Natural History Museum of Utah launches its Native Voices Initiative to center Indigenous knowledge in its collections.


RadioACTive 11.29.22

Great Salt Lake, from Local That Works honors to a pitch for a SL Sea Monkeys NHL team with City Cast Salt Lake, and poet Nan Seymour and friends planning a 2023 vigil for our namesake lake during the next legislative session.


RadioACTive 11.28.22

Celebrating the successes of refugee women in our community with Women of the World, which also wants you to join the fun. RadioACTive's annual #shoplocal spotlight, featuring Craft Lake City's fourth annual Holiday Market. Crossroads Urban Center set for Christmas dinner giveaway after successful Thanksgiving event. Plus, Intermountain Primary Children's Hospital reacts to the rise in RSV.