Community Affairs

Hear stories and interviews about the people and issues that shape Utah. 

Life in Hebron, Student-led Protests at the U

Chrony and Utah News Dispatch reporters share their coverage. Plus, Music May at SLFS.


Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet-Day Is April 30

Listen to find out how you can help reduce the number of cats and dogs in rescue shelters. Author Nikki Walker on mental health epiphanies. And, as Utah's new bathroom bill goes into effect Wednesday, Loud and Clear student Maggie Brunner reports on the impact on LGBTQ+ kids in our community.


Frog Bench Farms, Japan Festival, and More!

Homegrown music from Kate MacLeod as we kick off another Punk Rock Farmer Friday edition of RadioACTive.


Pasifika Art Exhibit Blends Culture and Academia

RadioACTive the Talanoa Way, with Valene Peratrovich. Tune in as we talk story and dive deep into Utah's Pasifika community with up-and-coming Pasifika artist Keilana Tuitupou. Plus, Stay Salty: Lakefacing Stories podcast shares another episode, featuring Great Salt Lake activists Nan Seymour and Sarah May as they Make Love for the Lake Visible.