Community Affairs

Hear stories and interviews about the people and issues that shape Utah. 

RadioACTive: February 11, 2020

U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness. UT Supreme Court makes it possible for Dreamers to take the Utah Bar. Suffrage Week in Zion. A Doll's House Part 2 at SLAC. Valentine's Day night with Mariachi and Banda at Centro Civico. #ThePeoplesBusiness with League of Women Voters of Utah, YWCA and Planned Parenthood.


RadioACTive: February 10, 2020

#EverydayPeople edition of RadioACTive with Sue Robbins, featuring Deb Hall of SAGE and the Utah Pride Center talking about programs and services for LGBTQ+ seniors. #ThePeoplesBusiness with the League of Women Voters, Action Utah and the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition.


RadioActive: February 7, 2020

Lara and the Punk Rock Farmer On the Road for the Utah Farm & Food Conference, Salt Lake Academy Of Music, Salt Lake Film Society, On The Cover of City Weekly


RadioACTive: February 6, 2020

The KRCL Sundance Film Festival Wrap Party, featuring Sneaking into Movies and Autumn Thatcher