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Hear stories and interviews about the people and issues that shape Utah. 

RadioACTive 09.13.23

RadioACTive book club with Danny Quintana, author of Space and Ocean Exploration as the Alternative to WWIII, and Dan Levitt, author of What's Gotten Into You, The Story of Your Body's Atoms, from the Big Bang through Last Night's Dinner. Plus, Ways of Water, and the music of Utah Slim.


RadioACTive 09.12.23

The study of domestic violence with Dr. Jenny Andrus. Lead OUT Proud at the Utah LGBTQ+ Econ Summit. The music of Stella Standingbear.


RadioACTive 09.11.23

Building a healthier nation with Utah Dr. Michelle Debbink, who was recently named a Norman F. Gant/American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology fellow. Plus, UNITY Block Party: Discovering the U in Community.


RadioACTive 09.08.23

Punk Rock Farmer Friday with Aldine, KRCL's Punk Rock Farmer, and more true tales from the agrihood with James Loomis, director of agricultural operations at Wasatch Community Gardens, Red Acre Center, Crate Digging with Quinn the Intern and Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade. Plus, fresh and homegrown music from Spirit Machines.