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RadioACTive 06.09.22

RadioACTive's Lara Jones talks politics with Derek Kitchen and Jen Plumb, both of whom want to be the Democratic nominee for UT Senate District 9. Without a Republican challenger in the general election, the June 28th primary likely will determine the next senator from D9. Plus, what does the Great Salt Lake mean to you? Lake Effect, a UPR podcast, gets an answer from Molly Blakowski, a PhD student at Utah State University's Department of Watershed Sciences.


RadioACTive 06.08.22

Volunteer Host Nick Burns brings you a song for the Great Salt Lake. Plus, author Kathryn Schulz and her memoir of grief, Lost and Found, and writer Daisy Pitkin on her latest, On the Line: A Story of Class, Solidarity, and Two Women's Epic Fight to Build a Union.


RadioACTive 06.07.22

March For Our Lives is planning a nationwide day of protest on June 11. Volunteer Host Risshan Leak passes the microphone to find out what student activists have to say about school safety and gun laws. Plus, Summer of Color Juneteenth Festival and the Utah Reporters Almanac.


RadioACTive 06.06.22

As DACA turns 10 this month, RadioACTive's Lara Jones checks in with folks counting on Congress to do something about their limbo status ... still. Plus, Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy and a call for youth diplomats.