Community Affairs

Hear stories and interviews about the people and issues that shape Utah. 

Juneteenth and Pride Month Celebrations the Talanoa Way

RadioACTive the Talanoa Way, with Stephanie Mahina. Tune in as she talks story and dives deep into Utah's Pasifika community with Wynter Storm of UBLAC and Jenessa Jimoh of DIVA SLC to celebrate Millcreek's 3rd Annual Juneteenth Freedom Day Celebration. Plus, Cleopatra Louise Balfour of Salt Lake Juneteenth stops by and Michael Sanders from the Big Gay Car Wash as we continue to highlight Pride events.


Housing, Nukes and Tithes, Writing Prompts

Housing the Nation: Social Equity, Architecture, and the Future of Affordable Housing. Inkstick Military-Industrial Complex Reporter Taylor Barnes examines LDS investments and public records. Plus, SLCC Community Writing Center wants you to write something cool this year.


World Pet Memorial Day to Father's Day to Juneteenth

Roundtable Tuesday has plenty for you to do in the community. World Pet Memorial Day with Operation Population. Plus, Our Sundays SLC's Juneteenth Jubilee and SLCC's Freedom Day Music Festival. And Father’s Day with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah.


RadioACTive Pop! with Chad Call of Utah Pride Center

Find out how Utah Pride went and what comes next for the nonprofit, alongside the latest pop culture hot takes. Plus, DIY Fest's local lineup announced, Gina Bachauer ready for dueling pianos, and the fate of the Redwood Drive-In and Swap Meet.