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RadioACTive 03.20.23

Join us as we share the final episode of Solo Eramos Ninos, a podcast about the largest single-day immigration enforcement action in United States history from Angel and Shelby Lopez.


RadioACTive 03.17.23

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Tonight at 6: Punk Rock Farmer Friday, with Aldine, KRCL's Punk Rock Farmer, and Lara. Tune in for more true tales from the agrihood with Ireland's own Peter Donegan and James and Joyce Skeet of Spirit Farm. Plus, Comunidades Unidas with a call to action, and Fresh, homegrown music from it foot, it ears.


RadioACTive 03.16.23

Rising journalists of SLCC take over the show to discuss issues of the day. Tonight: sustainable landscaping, street racing, and the psychological effects of music. Plus, #popculturenuggets and sports.


RadioACTive 03.15.23

Eps. 4 and 5 of Solo Eramos Ninos: Walk alongside Gloria, Francisco and Jonathan as they retell their story of how the 2006 immigration enforcement shook their lives. And, in a small, rural town, from one day to the next, 145 people were taken away. How does a town come together in the wake of such sudden upheaval to support broken families and knit together communities, all while under continued threat?