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RadioACTive 10.19.21

SL Tribune Reporter Paighten Harkins on why police don't shoot to kill and whether that could change. Better Utah's Katie Matheson on drawing maps for the people, not politicians. The Shush says goodbye to the Smith Branch of The County Library with some fresh, homegrown music and Gruber!


RadioACTive 10.18.21

Vigil for Gabby Ramos. Dr. Angela Dunn with a COVID update. SL Community Bail Fund's 1st-anniversary report.


RadioACTive 10.15.21

#PunkRockFarmerFriday with Mick Huerta, Our Man in South America. Time to plant garlic. Salt Lake Film Society set to reopen. #3QuickPicks in the park while the weather holds. Skywatcher Leo T's Pluto update. Fresh, homegrown music from Kate MacLeod, who's set to release her new album -- Uranium Maiden.


RadioACTive 10.14.21

Reframing the Conversation: Decoding the X with experts from across the University of Utah campus and community to spark important conversations around racism, othering, and safety.