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Utah's only music program dedicated to the indigenous people of Utah.

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with host
Valene MC & Dave John
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Intertribal Preview

Dirtwire | Intertribal


Jun 02 | 9:55 AM

StenJoddi | Greasy FryBread Neon Nativez (Remix)

A Decade of Tattoo Muzik the Best of Sten Joddi

Jun 02 | 9:51 AM

Back for More Preview

Pretendians | Back for More


Jun 02 | 9:47 AM

Ailani | I Ran into You


Jun 02 | 9:44 AM

Where's the Native Preview

The Delbert Anderson Trio | Where's the Native


Jun 02 | 9:39 AM

Child of Fire Preview

Sihasin | Child of Fire

Fight Like a Woman

Jun 02 | 9:30 AM

Video Games Preview

Trixie Mattel | Video Games

Full Coverage Vol. 1

Jun 02 | 9:26 AM

Jackson (feat. Orville Peck) Preview

Trixie Mattel | Jackson (feat. Orville Peck)

Jackson (feat. Orville Peck)

Jun 02 | 9:22 AM

Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous - Radio Mix Preview

Trixie Mattel | Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous - Radio Mix

Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous

Jun 02 | 9:18 AM

Keepers of the Earth Pt. 2 Preview

Whisperhawk | Keepers of the Earth Pt. 2

Keepers of the Earth, Vol. 2

Jun 02 | 9:10 AM

Don't Count Me Out Preview

Calina Lawrence | Don't Count Me Out


Jun 02 | 9:06 AM

If I Wanted You Boy Preview

Natasha Fisher | If I Wanted You Boy

If I Wanted You Boy

Jun 02 | 9:04 AM

Still My Father's Son Preview

Mitchell Makoons | Still My Father's Son

Still My Father's Son

Jun 02 | 9:00 AM

Cree Hand Drum Solo (Live) Preview

Tia Wood | Cree Hand Drum Solo (Live)

The Powwow

Jun 02 | 8:57 AM

We Were Here

Aysanabee | We Were Here


Jun 02 | 8:54 AM

Running Like the River Preview

Logan Staats | Running Like the River

A Light in the Attic

Jun 02 | 8:49 AM

Politician Man Preview

Adrian Sutherland | Politician Man

Politician Man

Jun 02 | 8:33 AM

The Blackfoot Stole All the Horses (Crow Hop) Preview

Black Lodge Singers | The Blackfoot Stole All the Horses (Crow Hop)

My Relatives

Jun 02 | 8:31 AM

XIT | Nihaa Shil Hozho (I Am About You)

Plight Of The Bedmen

Jun 02 | 8:24 AM

Honor Song Preview

Jeremy Dutcher | Honor Song

Honor Song

Jun 02 | 8:20 AM

Bring the Thunder (Pow-Wow Song) Preview

Northern Cree | Bring the Thunder (Pow-Wow Song)

The Very Best of Northern Cree

Jun 02 | 8:12 AM

Delbert Blackhorse | Song for Jr.

Chants of Happiness

Jun 02 | 8:09 AM

Seneca (Live) Preview

Black Bear | Seneca (Live)

Notcimik-Powwow (Live)

Jun 02 | 8:06 AM

My Pow-Wow Thing Preview

Alex E. Smtih | My Pow-Wow Thing

Rain In July - Native American Vocal Harmony

Jun 02 | 8:02 AM

Niwiciwakan Preview

Asani | Niwiciwakan

Rattle And Drum

Jun 02 | 7:53 AM

Rest Of My Days Preview

Indigenous | Rest Of My Days


Jun 02 | 7:48 AM


Six Nation Women Singers | Rabbit Dance Song Three

We Will All Sing

Jun 02 | 7:45 AM

Roots/Find The Cost Of Freedom Preview

Pura Fé | Roots/Find The Cost Of Freedom

Caution To The Wind

Jun 02 | 7:32 AM

Short'ning Bread Preview

Tiinesha Begaye | Short'ning Bread

Rhythm of Love

Jun 02 | 7:28 AM


Whitewind | Ute Love Song

Across Indian Lands

Jun 02 | 7:20 AM

So Beautiful Preview

Randy Wood | So Beautiful

Songs That Make You Want to Snag

Jun 02 | 7:15 AM


Yamparika | Ute Honoring Song

Across Indian Lands

Jun 02 | 7:11 AM

We Are Dancing (Round Dance) Preview

Feather River Singers | We Are Dancing (Round Dance)

Daughters of the Earth

Jun 02 | 7:08 AM

Way of Life Preview

Lakota Thunder | Way of Life

The Makoché Masters

Jun 02 | 7:06 AM

Anxiety Free | Mind Focus

Self Hypnosis

Jun 02 | 7:01 AM

Yana Hana Preview

American Natives | Yana Hana

The Best Songs of American Natives

Jun 02 | 7:01 AM

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