Thank you for your support of RadioACTive, KRCL's community affairs program for grassroots activists, community builders, punk rock farmers and DIY makers a muscicians. Tune in weeknights at 6 as the RadioACTive team passes the mic so folks can share their stories and the causes they care about.

If you missed the show or want to listen again, visit the RadioACTive Archives or listen on-demand. And catch audio clips from the show every day at 6:50 a.m., 10:50 a.m. and 2:50 p.m.

Executive Producer, Host: Lara Jones 

Production Assistant:  Valene MC

Production Assistant: Connor Estes

Volunteer Hosts:

  • Mondays: Olivia Jaramillo (debuting June 3, 2024)

  • Tuesdays: Risshan Leak

  • Wednesdays: Nick Burns

  • Thursdays: Stephanie Mahina & Val MC (RadioACTive the Talanoa Way)

  • Fridays: Aldine, KRCL's Punk Rock Farmer

  • Emeritus Host: Tamrika Khvtisiashvili

GET INVOLVED: If you have a story idea for RadioACTive and a song to match, then let's hear it! Email with your ideas or simply dedicate a song to someone in your life or a cause you support -- either just may end up on the show. Or call 385-800-1889 and leave a voicemail with your story idea and song to match.

Ways to listen:


AMA with Conservation Garden Park

Live music with singer-songwriters playing Haglund Ranch Summer Lineup. Dig into the agrihood with Conservation Garden Park's Shaun Moser, and a new Slow Food series that uses local farm ingredients to make soap. Plus, Wasatch Mountain Film Festival and Skywatcher Leo T.


Pasifika Summer of Culture, Art and Film

RadioACTive the Talanoa Way, with Stephanie Mahina. Tune in as she talks story and dives deep into Utah's Pasifika community. We welcome back Kalani Tonga sharing about recent gallery showing at Mestizos Coffee House. Kamaile Tripp-Harris checks in with documentaries screening at the Masima Pacific Islands Film Tour. Maddie Scott shares about the Multicultural Ethnic Dance Festival.


Downwinders in D.C. to get Utah Congressional Delegation to support RECA.

Radiation-exposed communities travel to D.C. to call for RECA House Vote. Plus, 801 Salon No. 30, an evening of sound and movement. Great Salt Lake Anthology call for entries. And Spy Hop students debut a new and wholly original RadioACTive theme song!


Pro Sports vs Arts and Culture? Or more of a 'yes, and' situation.

Find out with a special Roundtable Tuesday panel. Plus, Cannabis reform as the Biden Admin proposes rescheduling marijuana.