RadioACTive is a show for grassroots activists and community builders, weeknights at 6 p.m. Be part of the conversation that makes your community better. Call 801-359-9191 during the show to ask questions or share your take.

RadioACTive Team:

  • Executive Producer and Host Lara Jones
  • Associate Producer and Host Billy Palmer
  • Dr. David Derezotes of Utah Peace & Conflict Studies, Community Co-Host for special projects
  • Amy Dominguez, Community Co-Host Tuesday nights
  • Tamrika Khvtisiashvili, Community Correspondent. Roundtables air Tuesday nights. 
  • Nick Burns, Community Co-Host Wednesday nights
  • Billy Palmer, Community Co-Host, Thursday nights
  • Aldine, KRCL's Punk Rock Farmer, Friday nights
  • Sue Robbins, Everyday People, Community Co-Host 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month
  • Risshan Leak, Community Co-Host first Monday of the month
RadioACTive volunteers:
  • Bryan Lanning, Monday
  • Risshan Leak, Tuesday
  • Natalie Benoy and Isabella Sabala, Wednesday
  • Sarah Thacker, Thursday
  • Holly Lamert, Friday
Sound Engineers:
  • Sullivan Phetchanpheng, Willis Krammer 
If you have an idea -- guest, topic, something new -- for RadioACTive, send an email to Or reach out on Facebook: KRCL RadioACTive.
RadioACTive theme song written and recorded by Rowan Stigner

RadioACTive: June 5, 2020

#QuarantineCocktails raises a glass to equal rights for all. #UrbanFarmReport with New Roots' Sunnyvale Farmers Market and the Downtown SLC Farmers Market. Pandemic dream time with the Sonosopher. Fresh, homegrown music from Dead Zephyrs.


RadioACTive: June 2, 2020

Notes on peaceful resistance with youth activist Daud Mumin, Palestinian Human Rights Advocate Issa Amro. Dr. Dave wraps his series on navigating unpleasant changes via the Tarot Deck. Fourth Street Clinic's call for community help.


RadioACTive: June 1, 2020

Community Roundtable reflects on SLC protests-turned-riot, police reform and accountability, prosecutorial independence and more.


RadioACTive: May 29, 2020

Prime cuts for another #PunkRockFarmerFriday with Red Acre Center, Prime Act to help local ranchers of beef, pork and lamb. Alison Einerson of Downtown SLC Farmers Market. #QuarantineCocktails with City Weekly and Table X. Dr. Dave and archetypal psychology, SkyWatcher Leo T and Space X, homegrown music from Sammy Brue.