RadioACTive 08.14.23

  • August 14, 2023
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"Third Spaces" in our community with Danielle Littman and Alessandro Rigolon of the University of Utah. Kim Struthers and Mike West, City Planners for Lehi City discuss their recent visit to the Netherlands and what they learned about accessibility, mobility, and how it can be applied to Utah.

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Danielle Littman and Allesandro Rigolon discuss "third spaces" and how they are crucial to community well being. 

  • Danielle Littman, Assistant Professor at the University of Utah's College of Social Work uses place-based and arts-based methods to explore collective care strategies which foster belonging, healing, and resistance among people who experience present and historical marginalization from our current societal structures. She is particularly interested in the role of third places (non-home, non-school settings) as sites where young people who experience social marginalization feel a sense of community and access social capital.
  • Allesandro Rigolon, is an Associate Professor in the Department of City & Metropolitan Planning at the University of Utah. His line of research centers on planning for urban green space and health equity, using an environmental justice lens. His current work covers three related areas: planning and policy determinants of (in)equitable park provision, drivers and resistance to gentrification fostered by new parks (i.e., green gentrification), and the public health impacts of urban green space on marginalized communities.

Kim Struthers and Mike West, City Planners with Lehi City recently travelled on their own dime to the Netherlands in an effort to better understand successful accessibility and mobility model designed for Dutch citizens.

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