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Best of February 2023

Februay was a short month, but it was filled with some great new albums from music veterans to debut albums to local tracks. Here are some favorites from the KRCL music team.


Best of January 2023

At the end of every month the KRCL team takes a look back to pick their favorite albums, shows, singles and more to keep you in the loop.


Local Band The National Parks is 'Here for the Buzz' During 2023 Sundance Film Fest

Local folk-pop band The National Parks played three acoustic shows during the Sundance Film Festival's opening weekend. The band, which consists of Brady Parks (guitar, lead vocals), Sydney MacFarlane (keyboards, vocals), Cam Brannelly (drums) and Megan Taylor Parks (fiddle, vocals) chatted with KRCL before taking the intimate stage at the White Claw Shore sponsor house in Park City.


"The Mad Writer" Featuring Music Producer L'Orange Premieres at Slamdance

A film editor by trade, Zachary Kashkett never planned to direct a documentary. But he has edited enough of them to know that his childhood friend Austin Hart, better known by his stage name L'Orange, had a story worth telling. In 2015, a year after making his initial pitch, Kashkett began filming the independent music producer to create what would become his directorial debut, "The Mad Writer." The documentary was over eight years in the making, culminating in the Slamdance premiere in Park City on January 20.