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Jack Waters' Treefort Picks

I look forward to attending my first Treefort Fest since I'll be able to see a firehose of bands throughout Boise and I intend to be drenched with awe and discovery.


Talia's picks for Treefort!

What is up KRCL Night Owls and listeners! Talia Keys here of "We're Here" from 10p-12a on Saturdays!


Shell Yeah I Want to Tell Ya about My Top 5 Picks!

This will be my first time at Treefort Music Fest and first I wanna say... Holy Moly! Has the line up always been this huge?!!! I spent hours going thru all the amazing artists, workshops, and events. Thankfully, Treefort has made making a plan extremely smooth with their app and website. The ability to create your own schedule and share with friends, I had the app pulled up on my phone checking out each artist with a bio and links to their music on available platforms and also had the website pulled up so I could explore a little bit more as I made my schedule on the app. I went through and added all my faves then was able to scroll thru my schedule and see conflicting gigs. UH ALSO... YOGA every day?! Yes please!


Live at KRCL: Little Moon March 8, 2023

For International Women's Day Utah band Little Moon stepped into KRCL's Big Room to play a special three song set and deliver a great Guest DJ session afterward. Led by Emma Hardyman the band is getting ready to release a full length album soon. Hardyman says they don't feel like they have a "specific genre" and says, "We self-genred as Sacred Freak Pop." Whatever it is, we're here for it. Listen in to the full session here: