Sundance Film Festival

The 2022 Sundance Film Festival will, once again, look a bit different. They will offer an online platform featuring virtual premieres, events, artist talks and cutting-edge VR exhibitions. 

From January 20 through 30, discover and celebrate the bold, creative visions and exciting new talent that people will be talking about all year.

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Get more details and set up your new Festival account at Tickets go on sale Thursday, Jan. 13 at 10am M.S.T.

Sundance 2022: Free Local Screenings

Something special just for the locals. Check out the free screenings throughout the festival featuring a wide variety films. Also log in for free entrance into the Power of Story, Club Cinema, Daily Artist Meetups, the festival village and performances in the ASCAP Cafe. 


Sundance ASCAP Music Café virtual lineup announced

Electic lineup including performances from Brandy Clark, John Doe, Evan + Zane, Hayley Sales, Jordan Hawkins, Shungudzo and more


Eric P. Nelson's 2022 Sundance Picks

I have to be honest, when Sundance canceled all in-person screenings for the Festival this year, I was relieved. I was getting excited for a somewhat normal Sundance, but also getting really nervous. Luckily, Sundance made the choice for me, and it’s another all virtual festival. Sure, I’m not going to get my free Sundance 2022 water bottle this year, and my chances of bumping into David Duchovny will, once again, be the same as every other day, but the films are still happening, and I’m excited to see them! For a full film schedule, tickets, and more information visit


Nuns Vs. Patriarchy, Always Bet On Black...Habits

The Utah Film Center hosts a free live stream of "Rebel Hearts," which made its silver screen debut at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival just two months ago. The film takes everything you think you know about nuns and flips it on its head. The documentary goes behind the classrooms of the unapologetic nuns who taught at the Los Angeles-based Sisters of the Immaculate Heart during the height of the Vietnam War and Civil Rights movement.