Maximum Distortion

Thursdays 10:30 PM - 1 AM

Utah's only heavy metal radio show. Every episode is a journey that promises to take listeners across metal's brutally satisfying and varied soundscape. Each weekly playlist features forgotten favorites from the genre's pioneers to the latest heavy metal releases. Presented with a slightly comedic twist, by a couple of buddies and KRCL's only dual-host show. 

with host
Forgach & Cody D
(800) 359-9191



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Plain Pine Box Preview

Grave | Plain Pine Box

Out of Respect for the Dead

Jan 20 | 12:37 AM

Regorge in the Morgue Preview

Vomitory | Regorge in the Morgue

Opus Mortis VIII

Jan 20 | 12:35 AM

Low - Live, 1997

Testament | Low - Live, 1997

Live at Dynamo Open Air 1997

Jan 20 | 12:31 AM

Having A Party Preview

Sam Cooke | Having A Party

Portrait Of A Legend

Jan 20 | 12:31 AM

Send Forth Oblivion

Jungle Rot | Send Forth Oblivion

Jungle Rot

Jan 20 | 12:27 AM

Where Angels Go Demons Follow Preview

Spawn of Possession | Where Angels Go Demons Follow


Jan 20 | 12:22 AM

World in a World Preview

Dew-Scented | World in a World


Jan 20 | 12:17 AM

Misery Index | I Disavow

I Disavow

Jan 20 | 12:13 AM

Hunting Heretics Preview

Demonbreed | Hunting Heretics

Hunting Heretics

Jan 20 | 12:08 AM

Lead Us Into War Preview

Unleashed | Lead Us Into War

The Hunt For White Christ

Jan 20 | 12:05 AM

Casket Ride Preview

Revel In Flesh | Casket Ride

Emissary of All Plagues

Jan 20 | 12:00 AM

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