Maximum Distortion

Thursdays 10PM - Midnight

Utah's only heavy metal radio show. Every episode is a journey that promises to take listeners across metal's brutally satisfying and varied soundscape. Each weekly playlist features forgotten favorites from the genre's pioneers to the latest heavy metal releases. Presented with a slightly comedic twist, by a couple of buddies and KRCL's only dual-host show. 

with host
Forgach & Cody D
(801) 359-9191



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Contemp and Defiance Preview

Wingless | Contemp and Defiance


May 22 | 11:52 PM

Metal On Metal Preview

Anvil | Metal On Metal

Metal On Metal

May 22 | 11:28 PM

Ascension (feat. Dean Lamb & Archspire) Preview

Dååth | Ascension (feat. Dean Lamb & Archspire)

Ascension (feat. Dean Lamb & Archspire)

May 22 | 11:15 PM

Bag Seeker Preview

Borer | Bag Seeker

Bag Seeker

May 22 | 11:15 PM

The Architect of Misery (feat. Light This City) Preview

DARKNESS EVERYWHERE | The Architect of Misery (feat. Light This City)

The Architect of Misery (feat. Light This City)

May 22 | 11:09 PM

Ascension Preview

Six Feet Under | Ascension


May 22 | 11:00 PM

A Pact Unholy Preview

Cognitive | A Pact Unholy

A Pact Unholy

May 22 | 10:46 PM

Oblivion Preview

Gatecreeper | Oblivion

Dark Superstition

May 22 | 10:39 PM

La Ira Preview

White Stones | La Ira

La Ira

May 22 | 10:30 PM

Where Eagles Dare

Misfits | Where Eagles Dare


May 22 | 10:21 PM

Under the Influence Preview

Rusty Cooley | Under the Influence

Rusty Cooley (Special Edition)

May 22 | 10:14 PM

Ballroom Blitz - Remastered Preview

Krokus | Ballroom Blitz - Remastered

Stayed Awake All Night

May 22 | 10:09 PM

Big Balls Preview

AC/DC | Big Balls

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

May 22 | 10:05 PM

Balls to the Wall Preview

Accept | Balls to the Wall

Balls To The Wall

May 22 | 10:00 PM

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