Maximum Distortion

Thursdays 10:30 PM - 1 AM

Utah's only heavy metal radio show. Every episode is a journey that promises to take listeners across metal's brutally satisfying and varied soundscape. Each weekly playlist features forgotten favorites from the genre's pioneers to the latest heavy metal releases. Presented with a slightly comedic twist, by a couple of buddies and KRCL's only dual-host show. 

with host
Forgach & Cody D
(800) 359-9191


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Funeral Inception

Suffocation | Funeral Inception

Despise the Sun

Sep 24 | 12:53 AM

I Will Depart

Abigail Williams | I Will Depart

Walk Beyond the Dark

Sep 24 | 12:45 AM

Army of Cops

Pig Destroyer | Army of Cops

Head Cage

Sep 24 | 12:42 AM

Electric Messiah

High On Fire | Electric Messiah

Electric Messiah

Sep 24 | 12:33 AM

Having A Party Preview

Sam Cooke | Having A Party

Portrait of a Legend

Sep 24 | 12:33 AM

From the Ashes

Gatecreeper | From the Ashes

From the Ashes

Sep 24 | 12:29 AM

Le toit du monde

Gorguts | Le toit du monde

Colored Sands

Sep 24 | 12:22 AM

Piece of Time

Atheist | Piece of Time

Piece of Time

Sep 24 | 12:17 AM

The Aftermath

Origin | The Aftermath


Sep 24 | 12:13 AM

Coroner | Masked Jackal

Punishment for Decadence

Sep 24 | 12:06 AM

The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue

Carcass | The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue


Sep 24 | 12:00 AM

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