Meet the DJ

KRCL is able to bring you a wide variety of music because of the passion and expertise of more than 40 on-air DJs and hosts. Meet the people behind the mic.

Mike Evans, Host of Fret n' Fiddle and Bluegrass Express

Meet the DJ: Mike Evans, host of Bluegrass Express and every other week for Fret n' Fiddle , Sundays 1-4PM/Sundays 4-6PM


Jolene Whitaker, Host of Illustrated Blues

Meet the DJ: Jolene Whitaker, host of Illustrated Blues, Fridays 3-5AM


Taylor VanRoekel, Host of Night Light

Meet the DJ: Taylor Van Roekel, host of Night Light, Wednesdays 1AM-3AM


RadioACTive 09.22.22

Meet the DJ with Circus Brown, who is about to celebrate 20 years as a KRCL volunteer DJ. Tune in to hear why the Not a Side Show host keeps showing up, what's on his anniversary playlist, that time he 3D-printed a beak for an eagle, made spin art with Wayne Coyne, and more. Plus, West Valley Performing Arts Center's production of Little Shop of Horrors.