RadioACTive: September 5, 2019

  • September 5, 2019
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The fate of Prop. 4, the independent redistricting commission approved by voters and now eyed for repeal by state lawmakers. Plus, Voting and Civic Engagement Among Utah Women-A 2019 Update from the Utah Women & Leadership Project.

Tonight's lineup:

Spy Hop’s Connor Estes talked about Loud And Clear Youth Radio, Utah's only youth produced radio program. He’s looking for more youths, ages 14-19, to join the program, for which there is financial assistance.

The Utah Women & Leadership Project - UWLP has a new research snapshot out on Voting and Civic Engagement Among Utah Women. Dr. Susan Madsen and Robbyn Scribner talked about the data and what it means.

  • Summary: The findings show a dramatic series of shifts in voter turnout among Utah women, ranking first in the nation in 1992 (76%), dropping dead last to 51st in 2006, and climbing to 11th in 2018. The study also reveals that Utah continues to rank first in the nation in volunteerism at 51% (national average is 30.3%) with women’s rates 6% higher than men’s, but that engagement does not extend as much into political areas. Click here to read the report.

Waiting for the third shoe to drop: The fate of Prop 4 is again in the news with Utah reporting that state lawmakers are feeling emboldened to make changes to the independent redistricting commission approved by Utah voters last fall.

  • RadioACTive asked Sen. Todd Weiler (R-Dist. 23) about what he called “fatal flaws” in Prop 4
  • Alliance for a Better Utah’s Katie Matheson addressed the good governance implications of state lawmakers repealing and replacing Prop. 4, and what voters might to do if that happens.
  • Steve Urquhart, co-founder of the Utah Initiative Protection Act, shared his his insights on the legislative process. He served 8 years in both the Utah House of Representatives and Senate.

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