RadioActive: May 15, 2017

  • May 15, 2017
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Interim Update, BlindSpot Debut with Changing Stories, Voices from the Street

Hosted by Lara Jones and Dr. David Derezotes, tonight's RadioActive lineup:

  • Peggy Carrico of the League of Women Voters of Utah is back to guide us through the interim political season on Utah’s Capitol Hill
  • Debut of Blindspot, a new storytelling series on gender bias and its impact on women and girls. Tonight's storyteller: Changing Our Stories podcaster Andrea Smardon on the Errand of Angels
  • Homeless Utahns describe their lives and what they need from the community. Rachel Santizo, a Consumer Advisory Board member at Fourth Street Clinic, and Georgia Gregersen of Fit To Recover, a SLC gym and community center for those in recovery, join us to add insight from their own experiences.
  • James Jarrard, Fourth Street Clinic, which helps homeless Utahns improve their health and quality of life by providing high-quality health care and support services.