RadioACTive: March 22, 2019

  • March 22, 2019
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Live music from Paul Boruff and Que Faire, #UrbanFarmReport with Farmer Luke and organic farmer Bob Quinn, plus Trivia with the Utah Investigative Journalism Project, and HUM and seeds with the SLCPL

Tonight's lineup:

Live music from Paul Boruff and Lise Brunhart, aka Que Faire.

Eric Peterson of The Utah Investigative Journalism Project, which will host The News Trivia Junkie Showdown this Sunday night, 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Fisher Brewing Company, 320 W. 800 S., SLC. 

  • Think you could match your knowledge of the Utah legislative session and D.C. shenanigans on capitol hill and the White House against local reporters like Fox 13's Ben Winslow and Salt Lake Tribune columnist Robert Gehrke? If so you might just have what it takes to win cash prizes at the first-ever News Junkie Trivia Throwdown to benefit UIJP. It's a 501(c)3 nonprofit that digs up important investigative stories and provides free investigative journalism training and education to local newsrooms and students journalists.

  • Cost is $5 a person so get together a team to put your skills to the test. The event will be two rounds, one focused on Utah’s 2019 legislative session and the other on national news of congress and the White House. Don’t be intimidated though; the reporter’s team can’t win any prizes, they’re just there for the glory– and for you to challenge for the special cash bonus.

Bryton Sampson of the Salt Lake City Public Library (SLCPL), which will reveal the latest additions to its Hear Utah Music (HUM) streaming service May 1. KRCL’s own Ebay Jamil Hamilton was one of the curators this time. Expect a HUM Fest at the downtown library in September. Sampson also encouraged gardeners to check out the library’s new Seed Library

  • March 28: 2nd Annual Utah Award in the Environmental Humanities: Rebecca Solnit, 7:00 p.m. at the downtown SLCPL, 210 E. 400 S., SLC. Solnit is a distinguished public intellectual and climate activist. Her work engages environmental justice, indigenous history, feminism and popular power. She is the author of twenty books, including “Hope in the Dark,” and “Men Explain Things to Me.” 

  • April 6: Seed Saving with Giles Larsen, 2:00-4:00 p.m. at the downtown SLCPL. Although this workshop is free, spots will fill quickly. Instructor: Giles Larsen, Parks for Produce Manager for Click here to pre-register.

#UrbanFarmReport Farmer Luke Petersen and organic farmer Bob Quinn, who Montana-based scientist, entrepreneur, and sustainable agricultural and renewable energy activist.


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RadioACTive is a production of Listeners' Community Radio of Utah. Tonight's team included:

  • Exec. Producer/Host: Lara Jones   
  • Assoc. Producer: Billy Palmer
  • Community Co-Host:  Aldine Strychnine, KRCL’s Punk Rock Farmer
  • Audio Engineer: Sullivan Phetchanpheng, Lights & Sound Studio