RadioActive: June 5, 2017

  • June 5, 2017
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Wonder Woman, Popular Culture, Stereotypes

Hosted by Lara Jones and Dr. David Derezotes, tonight's RadioActive took up the subject of Wonder Woman and the explicit and implicit messages about women and girls in our popular culture. 

Tonight's lineup:

  • Erin Jemison of YWCA Utah shared news of legislation affecting women and girls at the state and federal level
  • BlindSpot: The Wonder Woman Effect, another installment in KRCL's storytelling series that focuses on the lives of women and girls
  • Dr. Kim Zarkin, Chair of the Communication & Arts Admininastration programs at Westminster College. CLICK HERE to watch Dr. Zarkin deliver her "How to Be a Bitch" lecture during Westminster's Women's History Month 2016
  • Mother and daughter Celina Milner and Cecilia Mendez-Castillo, who shared their Wonder Woman insights in tonight's Blindspot installment