RadioActive: June 29, 2017

  • June 30, 2017
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Ramadan, Eid Al-Fitr at Marmalade, Al-Ahad, CD4 Coalition, Utah Patients Coalition

Hosted by Billy Palmer and Lara Jones, tonight's RadioActive:

  • Alex Iorg, campaign manager for Utah Patients Coalition, reports in on the group's ballot initiative for medical cannabis.
  • Kathie Matheson on Utah's CD4 Coalition's request for Rep. Mia love to hold a townhall with constituents 
  • Eid Al-Fitr, an end of Ramanda celebration, will be celebrated at the Marmalade Branch of the Salt Lake City Library Saturday, July 8. RadioActive checked in with the library’s Safi Safiullah and, from the University of Miami, Islamic scholar Prof. Nebil Husayn -- who will speak at the July event.
  • From Al Ahad—Always Love Against Hate And Discrimination— Ana Antunes and Kadi and Iqra report back on the survey work they've done regarding high school students' knowledge of Islam compared to other Utahns. Look for an exhibit related to their work at UMOCA in late July.