RadioActive: August 8, 2017

  • August 8, 2017
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State Homeless Coordinating Committee, The Road Home, VOA of Utah, Opioid Overdose Prevention, SLC Police Chief Mike Brown, Recruiting the Next Generation of Police Officers

Hosted by Lara Jones and Billy Palmer, tonight's show provided an update on efforts to address homelessness in Salt Lake City, as well as ways in which the face of law enforcement is changing in Salt Lake City.


  • Matt Minkevitch of The Road Home, which reported success at getting families out of the downtown shelter, albeit at a cost of $33,000 a month in hotel costs, at today's meeting of the State Homeless Coordinating Committee.
  • Kathy Bray, Volunteers of America of Utah, which is working to reopen its Center for Women and Children in Murray
  • Angela Stander, Opioid Overdose Prevention Coordinator, Utah Department of Health, shared her work. Utah is ranked 7th in the nation for opioid overdose deaths, by the way. Visit for a wealth of information and resources available to you.
  • SLCPD Chief Mike Brown on law enforcement's role in dealing with homelessness and the demands that makes of police.
  • Brown also talked about recruiting the next generation of law enforcement, which starts with the department's Explorers Program. It is majority-minority and has more female leaders than the current police force. Explorers Program Adviser Officer Keith Horrocks and Explorers Maria and Yovanni shared their experiences and perspectives.

RadioActive Extra: Security Costs Rising, May Impact Mission at St. Vinny's Kitchen:

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