RadioACTive: April 13, 2021

  • April 13, 2021
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Day 2 of Playlists for Activists as RadioACTive does Radiothon!

Tonight on a #RoundTableTuesday Edition of the show, Community Co-Hosts Tamrika Khvtisiashvili and Risshan Leak joined with producing team Lara Jones and Billy Palmer to spin a playlist for activists and ask for your support of RadioACTive.

This show for grassroots activists and community builders happens because listeners donate. Please call 800-359-9191 or donate online at Your contribution is crucial to keeping Listeners' Community Radio of Utah on the air!

Views, thoughts or opinions shared by guests are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the board, staff or members of Listeners' Community Radio of Utah, 90.9fm KRCL. Tonight's RadioACTive team included:

  • Community Co-Host: #RoundTableTuesday's Tamrika Khvtisiashvili and Risshan Leak
  • Executive Producer:  Lara Jones
  • Assoc. Producer: Billy Palmer