RadioACTive: April 11, 2019

  • April 11, 2019
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The 2 Beckies with Becky Edwards and Rebecca Chavez-Houck, FitCon with Sumo Wrestlers, BlockU Learning Community

Tonight's Lineup:

Kerri Hopkins, Instructor of the  Art, Leadership and Community, BlockU and students. BlockU is a two semester learning community. They were on the show at the beginning of their first year of college where they are learning the role of the arts in effective social, political, and environmental advocacy. The student panel included:

  • Lucas, psychology major and the Peer Advisor for the class 
  • Alex, anthropology major and will be the Peer Advisor for the class next year
  • Carter, film major
  • Gracie, undeclared
  • Shiva, undeclared major
  • Brett, pre-education major 
FitCon with Sumo Wrestlers

Professional Sumo Wrestlers, Cody Stout and Kelly “Man of Steel” Gneiting on FitCon 2019. Which features a two day event of Men's and Women’s sumo competitions

The Two Beckies

2 former Utah House of Representatives, Becky Edwards and Rebecca Chavez-Houck on partisan politics, ranked choice voting, redistricting, super majority and more.


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RadioACTive is a production of Listeners' Community Radio of Utah. Tonight's team included:

  • Exec. Producer/Host: Lara Jones
  • Assoc. Producer/Host:  Billy Palmer
  • Volunteer: Kristen Neilson 
  • Intern: Ashley Finley