RadioACTive 9.15.21

  • September 15, 2021
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Meet the DJ, Lori Rosendahl of Sunday Sagebrush Serenade. SLC Mayor Erin Mendenhall on homelessness, crime and COVID in the Capital City. The Utah Foundation's new series on social capital in the Beehive State.

Tonight's show featured the following people, organizations and/or events. Check them out and get plugged into your community!

Meet the DJ: Lori Rosendahl, volunteer host of Sunday Sagebrush Serenade, Sundays from 10a-1p. Lori's coming up on her 24th year as a KRCL volunteer.  Take a listen to find out why it's the lyrics that motivate her song choices, how tarantulas and cats are her favorites, and other tidbits that make Lori tick. 

  • Sunday Sage has been a cornerstone of KRCL since the beginning days of the station. Lori (and co-show host Phil) play a mix of acoustic, folk, country, country-rock, rock 'n roll, bluegrass and the occasional surprise from many different genres. Click here to listen on-demand to the last 2 weeks of Sunday Sage!

Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall on homelessness, crime and COVID in the Capital City. Click here to connect with the mayor, who's now halfway through her first term in office.

The Utah Foundation has launched a new series on social capital. RadioACTive spoke with UF's Shawn Teigen about the findings in The Measure of a Citizen: Civic Engagement in Utah

  • Excerpt:"Robust citizen engagement in the democratic process and in civic improvement has long been seen as a barometer of the vitality of the American republic. At the state and local levels, civic engagement has significant implications for the effectiveness and efficiency of government, the quality of services government delivers and the responsiveness of public officials to the priorities of the public. Citizens displaying a high degree of civic engagement also tend to be accustomed to collaborating to achieve common goals. A decline in civic engagement, by contrast, can reduce the accountability of the public sector and produce a negative public spirit." 

  • Read the full report: The Measure of a Citizen: Civic Engagement in Utah.

Views, thoughts or opinions shared by guests are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the board, staff or members of Listeners' Community Radio of Utah, KRCL 90.9fm. Tonight's show was produced and hosted by Lara Jones.